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    For 25 years he plied his trade. He was expert carpenter, lords and ladies from miles around sought his artistry for their keeps. But he made barely enough to put food on his table when the winters were harsh.

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    The bane of my existence, is definitely having to work for a living. I would love to write, read books, run around and shop, but we need money for leisure, and for that we must work. Work means no time for any of these pursuits. Sigh!

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    Impressions of success are always intertwined with wealth. How come being a nice person, or a social worker are never measured in these terms. Society has a long way to go before we can succeed at calling ourselves civilized.

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    “May the plague be upon you, and your children, and your children’s children!” spittle hit the terrified merchant’s face as Red spat the words. The merchant’s knees were starting to give out, and a small bead of blood was forming near to where Red held the dirk to his throat. “Take it, take it!” cried […]

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    She used to be part of the in crowd, until she was cast to the outskirts for wearing the wrong colour skirt with a salmon blouse. She was upset for weeks, until the unexpected happened. Chloe (the most high one) wore red jeans with a magnolia t-shirt. Now life was sweet again. Life was really […]

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    He opened his hand and let the crushed remnants of the delicate crystal fall to the ground. There were shards embedded in his palm and blood dripping from his fingers but he didn’t notice, his focus completely on Samantha.

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    It was an intensely gratifiying experience. For months he had been holding back, fighting the urge to tell his boss where to shove his minutes. But today he finally got his chance. Perhaps standing in the middle of the office and telling him he was a egotistical, balding, straw for brains meglamaniac, who would make […]

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    “What did she predict again?” Enquired Silvia. “That I would die in a red car when I’m in my thirties”, answered Kathy. “But this car is kinda red?” “Nope, I’ve told you before, this car is brown” “It looks a little red when the sun is shining on it”, insisted Silvia. Kathy replied by putting […]

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    The tombstone read, “Here lies my beloved husband, inventor of the crossword. Six feet down and two across”.

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    As you get older you forget many things. Forgetting what it’s like to jump in puddles, or just to while away time staring at the night sky. Too many problems, not enough money. Children. Memories. Freedom. Forgotten.

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    The limo window dropped down with an inaudible sound, and a sunglassed skimplily clad blond stuck her head out. “Which way to the ‘ostess’s convention mate?” She asked in a strong cockney accent. I was staggered on two fronts, firstly I had no idea where the convention was, and secondly her top was being pulled […]

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    With a shy smile, the little girl held up her picture to be inspected.
    Derek smiled awkwardly and looked at the montage. It looked as if a colony of ants had walked through melted ice-cream and waltzed deliriously over pale yellow paper.
    “Errr, it looks great!” He mumbled. “What is it?”

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    She looked out of the cinema’s ticket booth fascinated by the night scene that swished past in the rain. Everyone going somewhere in a hurry except her.

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    It was a distant memory long forgotten, but the the smell from opening her wardrope brought it back. I was eight and brushing her long auburn hair and she was smiling at me like only a mother can, full of love and gentleness. I cling to too few memories of her.

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    The old lady’s back garden was a wasteland. “My husband used to look after it much better than I can, there used to be a lovely rose bush over there, but it’s gone a little wild”. I looked around trying to quell the rising panic. Why, oh why had I said I would tidy her […]

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    He had looked in her direction and smiled a huge smile at her. Wow! She thought. All the effort that she went to this morning, up at 6 to put on her make-up and spending all her pocket-money on her uber-cool short skirt had paid dividends. Bigger dividends that even she expected. She was positively […]

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    We all knew in our hearts that her bones were somewhere on the floor of the Atlantic, but until we had ‘bone fide’ proof, there was always going to be a small chink in our belief, a hope in our heart, that somehow, somewhere she was still living and having a joyous life; and that […]

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    Her laptop on the kitchen table whirred to life and gave a beep.
    That’s strange, she thought as she turned the gas off on the chicken soup.
    Saucepan in hand she sat down in front of the computer, a dos concole was open with the words, “Hi Anita” typed in the top left corner.

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    He stood on the conning tower scanning the horizon, silouetted against the early dawn sky. He moved slowly, taking in the full 360 degrees of the surrounding ocean. As he made to go down to his waiting crew, something caught his eye on the starboard bow.

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    He took the thin burnt wood from the lamp, and looked into the highly polished gold mirror, applying the cooling ends liberally to his eyes. Making sure not to forget the long flourish towards the ear. Next he carefully shaved all the hair from his head, including his eyebrows. When everything was finished he knelt […]