• It was all plain and simple. But with you there, in the middle of it, you give more color, vibrance, energy. You give life. It’s different when you’re here.

  • Was it really meant to be broken? Tried not to believe in and held into your words. But no, you just proved that it’s really meant to be like that. Cliche? no. truth.

  • I tried to measure love. But no, this isn’t something we measure. We don’t love less, discontentment and comparison are just present. Too much love involve greed and a misunderstanding of how love should be. Love can’t be measured, it’s indefinite. It’s infinite. Satisfaction and contentment is what we need to get enough.

  • That one person who can make you laugh
    Whose smile you can’t resist
    Who could make your day
    And make you feel special whenever you’re together

  • This, I have on you
    Makes me wonder of the “what ifs”
    Consuming my imagination
    Joy, is what I feel
    Assurance, that it will lead to something great