• a box of .bullets was in one hand and a
    .guns in the other
    out the door i went and .hunting i would go
    i brought a .cuddle buddy since it was so cold
    .love is in the air and
    .forever i will be
    .always you are mine and always i am yours
    .together forever and always together

  • Mr Pratt is very scientific
    so scientific it is terrific
    its almost magic spacific

  • accused for something you didn’t do
    it hurt you why where you accuse

  • outsiders are people who stay to there selves, who dont socialize, who dont give much opion
    if you are that you should step out of your comfort Zone and jump in side

  • Happiness is endless as long as you think positively
    There are many things you can be mad sad or upset about for no reason
    just keep on smiling and everything will be alright

  • angles beautiful and bright
    so beautiful they catch your eye
    they are in the heavens on the ground and all around this town

  • mariah coleman commented on the post, boom 3 years, 8 months ago

    the lightening cracked sounding boom.
    The flash was as bright as the sun making my eyes see nothing but blur
    when my eyes finally dilated everything ive ever known was gone
    the force of the wind, the strength of the swirling funnel took every thing
    what i call home, what i love, and what i relied on disapeared like a grain of sand through…[Read more]

  • mariah coleman commented on the post, boom 3 years, 8 months ago

    there was a big baaaa boom
    the girl feel from her room
    out the window onto the ground
    her head was spinning round and round
    like hamster on a wheel in a cage from Brazil

  • mariah coleman commented on the post, pan 3 years, 8 months ago

    joey had a pan so i ran to my van
    joey was large like a big fat lard
    oh how i ran
    so i would like a jar of sardeans
    da da da da