• Mr. Anderson looked at the faces of his new classroom. How lucky was he to be able to mold all these beautiful young people? He would do his best to instill the right values in them. But somehow he knew that he was the one who was truly going to be touched by this experience.

  • So that’s not exactly how it happened. But I needed to impress them and we were in middle school. Telling them that I lost my virginity outside a public library would do that. I mean it was not exactly a lie. Okay it was, but it was middle school. We’ve all done worse things.

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    Auden hid in the cave, hoping that the rain would stop soon so that he can go home. He thought about how he wished he lived anywhere but Wales.

  • He needed to get out. The baby would be there any second and she was there alone. With her parents. But alone. She needed him. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be but it’s how it worked out. They only just graduated, they shouldn’t be having kids. And she really shouldn’t be going through labor 3 months early. Traffic was jammed.