• Tasting…..well that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? My whole life is in the tasting. I write about tasting, I think about tasting, I share what other’s are tasting. Tasting good, tasting bad, tasting […]

  • A good attitude is instrumental to a happy life. I can’t believe the simple truth, because is’t such a cliche, and things are rarely as simple as cliche’s suggest, however, it’s true As Abraham Lincoln said, […]

  • Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will, be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Thy will is the tough part of that stuff, I guess. It’s hard for my because it is MY will to know what THY will is. I’ll […]

  • That wolf had something. My mean ole stepmother deserved everything she had coming and then some. She was a horrible woman who exacted misery upon everything she encountered with zeal and alacritude. I’m glad-he-ate-her.

  • My lips are chapped and so is my hide. I’ve been out in this wind for 12 hours.

    It started as an easy challenge. Take a picture of a cactus blossom. Our own cactus were not yet in bloom, but I was sure […]