• Marcus McMahon commented on the post, trunk 7 years, 6 months ago

    The trunk was the only place I could run to.
    I slammed it shut over my head and drifted into a place I’d never gone before.
    The melodies of old hymns crossed my mind
    And I prayed everything would be better by the time I was found.

  • Marcus McMahon commented on the post, scar 7 years, 7 months ago

    I’ve been asked twice today about this very scar.
    No one ever likes the story once I tell them; it’s pointless to retell.
    Just know that it involves 2 years, a lot of memories,
    And a terrible, terrible heartache.

  • Thank us with sincerity and give us a badge.
    Make me feel like I am part of the whole.
    Fill our people to the brim with hope for tomorrow.
    Break us at the moment we least expect it, Mr. President.

  • Marcus McMahon commented on the post, flare 7 years, 8 months ago

    An Iron hull,
    And needle eyes.
    A flare from somewhere far beneath.
    A riot starting in the skies.

  • Morning rise.
    An orchestra of life fills the air.
    My voice lifts from my lungs to join in harmony.
    This is forever.
    This is masterpiece.

  • Yet, few have remained with this kind of perseverance.
    Only those with iron heart and mind, a passion that has not compromise,
    Will make any kind of difference in this place.

  • I can see without my eyes,
    I can feel without these hands.
    My mind is free to wander, in and out of the void of an non-existent reality
    Awakening I sit and watch the world turn.
    And the people stare and wonder.

  • The thunder rose from his voice like a storm I’d never seen.
    Black were his eyes and evil was his heart,
    A foe to humanity in it’s own neighborhood.

  • My head and my heart share a mutual feeling;
    A longing to be through with this town.
    I’ve known for years what I’ve wanted,
    Yet never made an escape route out.

    I want to see the city, I want to see the stars;
    I want what every longing soul in the world could possibly need.

  • Marcus McMahon commented on the post, dull 7 years, 9 months ago

    What monotony…
    Black is black and silver is compounded upon silver.
    What a way to live.
    In utter hated of the boredom that fills this place.