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    She was a feeble lady. Diagnosed with limes disease, and it was gradually getting worse. She saw something in me, that director. Something I myself never saw. She nurtured it. Raised it from what it was to something it could be. I became Will Parker.

  • Somebody. Anybody. Please help. The darkness is to much. The emptiness. The loneliness. I can’t get out of here alone.I need help. I need love. I need somebody…somebody like you! Help me….please help me!

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    A piece of trash, or so its viewed….thrown out, used, no longer worth having. You pulled it this way, took it that, and then you walked away leaving it to nothing. You call it trash, you put it out of your mind, […]

  • We walk the halls of this office, each in their pastels and tight, uncomfortable shoes, thinking we are professional, but its all just an act. At home, we are nothing like what we pretend to be. We don’t use all […]

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    It was like a guiding light to us…we played in the yard as children, having the time of our lives. We ran about hiding and tagging, but the lantern was always there to call us home..to shine across the path so […]