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    So as i lay on the grass in the open field i can tell something in the trees at the edge of this field is staring at me. I could feel the eyes piercing my skin, waiting for me to make my move. So i slowly stand and hear steps mimicking my own. All of […]

  • The science fair was only a week away. With excitement building as was the mold he was growing for his exhibit. He had three pieces of bread and soaked one in water, let one dry and kept one in a zip-lock bag. He wanted to see which one molded first. Awe science.

  • I love a cool crisp fall night. The nights were there are no clouds covering the starlight. When the only thing between you and wishing on stars is your imagination. Thank God for starlight, if it wasn’t for it, i’d be a whole lot less exciting.

  • they thought the child was so out of touch with reality, he was always dressed as a cowboy with his leather vest, and his leather cowboy boots. They laughed and laughed. now, he’s a world renown lasso expert, and a rodeo clown. Take that.

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    with the wife cleaning the clothes it was only a limited amount of time until she found that lipstick, on his collar, she thought it was only in movies and country songs, but there it was. bright are roses in the summer sun.

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    William was not sure what he was doing, he was telling his wife everything would be alright, then he dew back the arrow, bow shaking steadily. As he tried to right himself, he slipped, and sadly his wife fell.