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    She stopped in that instant and within a blink of an eye she was captivated. His love was all she could think about, and it was anything but worldly. She breathed in him, and from that moment forward, lived only for him

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    bee carful what you wish for, bee careful for what you are. for words can hurt another, no matter how close or far. bee carful when you cross the street. bee sure to look both ways. for if you cross blindly, love will sweep you off your feet. bee carful not to be brought down, […]

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    i wish i knew how to rap….

    i’d feel way more bad ass than i already do.

    but im pretty bad ass as it is.

    p.s. dont take diet pills.

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    it was so cold outside, and he grabbbed me and brought me close into his chest. all i can remember was his scent. it was intoxicating. it almost felt strange, having hold me like that. like we werent supposed to be touching. but he was mine, and i knew it. and i will never go […]

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    i cant see.

    i cant see a thing.

    my body becomes still and all other senses kick in.

    my hearing is so alert it hurts, but hear nothing, i smelll nothing, i tastes nothing.

    alone. in a dark room. and all i feel is fear. i dont understand why this is my life.