• Ishimimoto commented on the post, deranged 5 years, 7 months ago

    Is that alright? This way that I’m feeling, is it alright?
    “Am I deranged?” I frequently asked myself, pushing all the suspicions aside. I did trust you blindly.

    The happening is not the worst; it is surely not the fact that you did it. Hiding it, lying, pretending and faking was injustifiable. For what sake?
    All those moments I was feeling…[Read more]

  • The world keeps spinning. Time goes as usual. Lives go on as usual, nothing has really changed. Everything is still the same.
    Yet, meanwhile, it all seems different: the time goes slowly as expectancies get higher and higher, and it still looks so far, so far. As far as ever even though that is not exactly true.
    Sometimes it is excruciatingly…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, typhoon 5 years, 10 months ago

    You made it all change, turned everything upside down and showed me the other side. It was an instant; no time for thinking, no time for reasoning, no time for second thoughts. There was no time but to feel. And it feels good here, it feels surprisingly good.
    You were the typhoon in my life.
    With your exquisite manners and good will, your…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, trumpets 5 years, 10 months ago

    The trumpets roared. It was finally time!
    We started walking, firmly. Unsheathing our swords and pointing them to the sky, the sun rays glimmering on their tips and leaving our opponents squinting. We had no chance, we knew it.But we kept walking together, heads held high.
    The past decade brought us together and now it was time to show the…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, stencil 5 years, 10 months ago

    I imagine the day you’ll be with me, when I can look deep into your eyes and finally kiss you. I imagine the day when I’ll be able to hold your hand, to feel your arms around me, to feel your heat.
    You stenciled your heart onto mine. Cut through my defenses and found it inside, deep down there, and eventually you made me love you. And so I do,…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, rewrite 6 years ago

    The Past is gone and buried. It is beyond doubt that we cannot change it, everyone knows it. At least for some. What if it’s not true?
    The Present is a mighty weapon. What if it is only a differente point of view what’s needed to change it? Our feelings, our emotions… They can make it different. In the end the past is only a matter of opinion…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, mirage 6 years ago

    Today I don’t feel like writing about the word. It is surely not a mirage what I’m feeling. And I surely do not like thinking it might be.
    The distance is too much to bear and still we have somehow managed to do it.
    My heart rate increases whenever our eyes meet, whenever your smile shows, whenever your laugh echoes. I am changed everytime you…[Read more]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, decoy 6 years, 3 months ago

    You cost me everything I have. Your deceits, false support, you’re cunningly exquisite manners. The decoy of my fortune, omen of my despair.
    Now you shall perish with me, down to the shadows, locked inside the dungeons of Molten Maze.

  • I am incomplete. I am unfinished. A masterpiece nonetheless, but tremendously incomplete for I cannot understand the basics. I am unable to unable to understand this world, its people, its Nature. Or even myself for that matter.

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, tumble 6 years, 4 months ago

    Trust me, we won’t tumble. Just hold my hand firmly and I will protect you from the upcoming dangers. We need to do this together, though, for I cannot do it all by myself.
    Things may not be as they seem, and you may not perceive the dangers we’ll be in, but I have it, perseverance turned me into a fighter and now I have it: the Eye of Foreseeing.

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, entrance 7 years ago

    I couldn’t sleep and just kept looking blankly at the ceiling. Nothing happened, no sound, no movement or flickering of light. But then, something changed.
    I wasn’t looking at the ceiling anymore. It was not my […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, mass 7 years ago

    Mass. A confusing mass is what our mind is. Brain is no more that a bunch of confusing and seemingly inexplicable cell’s connections. When one is cut off, what happens?
    You get the other side. The one that’s not […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, affairs 7 years ago

    He asked her if she had had any affair during the last 2 months, to what she answered veemently that she hadn’t. Although obviously lying he believed her and, in his inocence, never got to know the affairs she had […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, before 7 years ago

    Before there were no cries. Before there was no pain. Before there were no tears. Before.
    But you can not take it back, you can not come back to where we were, we can not go back to our happy times, there are […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, afraid 7 years ago

    She crept out of the tunnel, her teeth grinding and her hands shaking badly. I had never seen her so afraid of something. When she entered the passage she was as happy as always, with that bright grin of hers, but […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, people 7 years ago

    Oh people… They’re a funny thing! One moment he’s ugly, the other the light in your world. Once she had an incredible doctor outfit, but the next moment he was acting like the most ignorant being I’ve ever known […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, trial 7 years ago

    “The trial will now begin! Raise your weapons men, the condemned will now climb to the pulpit
    You very well know the crimes and barbarities this man has committed, we all think of him as a wretched being and […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, begin 7 years ago

    There is no nice way to begin a conversation in which you are going to tell a person she is going to die. Even though everyone knows it since their first day of life, as Death is intricately connected and inherent […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, claim 7 years ago

    What are you claiming? That I have the obligation of complying with your nonsensical rules? Especially when they were implemented to your sole advantage!
    I am no slave of yours and my actions shall not be […]

  • Ishimimoto commented on the post, despite 7 years ago

    You’re a very nice girl. I actually very much like you, your touch, your silky skin… The way you swear at me with that soft voice of yours. I’m happy despite the fact that you rarely answer me.
    Until that day […]