• Maha AbuRumman commented on the post, european 6 years ago

    I have always dreamt of living in a European City. Where the 4 season run across the days of the year just as swiftly as they sweep the street with different colors and temperatures.

  • the month of Ramadan is about Fasting from sun up to sundown. so Muslims don’t eat,drink or get anything in their mouths during the day. but the hypocrisy lies in being the good, devout worshiper all month long.. and the play boy for the rest of the year.. an interesting psyche

  • “The flowers bloomed”, they say. but what is a bloom, what significance would it hold for me?
    the bloom of a flower, while pretty lasts for only a day, after which it whither and dies; that is the thought that crosses my mind. death is the end of every beauty. Death of thought, of dreams, of desires, and of humanity.