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    The first thing that popped into my head is a math class. I never took it so I don’t really know much but a lot of my friends did and they said it was boring. I’m assuming because it is all simple things that most people already know, which makes the class less interesting and not as fun. Learning new things is the point of school, not repeating…[Read more]

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    I love sitting on the 3rd floor of the UMass Amherst library because it is the easiest place for me to get my work done. I can stare out the window and have a nice view but not have to worry about anyone barging into the room or wanting to take a nap on my bed. I could get essays at a time done without any distractions.

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    The houses were situated around a square patch of grass, kind of like a cul-da-sac, but with four distinct sides. They were identical, with matching fences and three car garages that every single one of the houses’ owners hated.