• maeicejesus commented on the post, sure 6 years, 9 months ago

    “sure you can!” i hear all the time here in my little hole of a life. ha! whatever. i’m not certain of anything. nothing is sure; not here. everywhere i go, i see people wonder what they’ll do next. they see something impossible to do. “sure you can!” yeah, right.

  • maeicejesus commented on the post, zone 7 years, 2 months ago

    out there
    all out of zone.
    no focus
    no concentration
    no way to see
    if i’m still in the zone.
    gone am i
    for now
    and for a while more;
    the zone is not my place.

  • maeicejesus commented on the post, hassle 7 years, 4 months ago

    running around,
    i couldn’t find it,
    searching endlessly,
    it was nowhere to be found.
    all this hassle
    to find one item
    was ridiculous!
    i’ll bet it isn’t even worth anything.

  • art is on paper,
    on canvas,
    on buildings.
    but no one sees the art,
    of the buildings themselves.

  • Strong as cedars,
    Tall as redwoods,
    Mighty as diamonds,
    Sat my little house on the prarie.
    It’s glory shone,
    Through the toughest din;
    Even in the winter,
    It would surpass all.