• MD commented on the post, puncture 7 years ago

    I don’t know what to say. Why are you so punctural? xD

  • MD commented on the post, camera 7 years ago

    One,two, three. SMILE! Ohno. Here am I, doing my silly pose infront of the camera. Why am I even smiling? It will make me look worse. For the sake of the flashy memories of my friend, all I can do is grin. :)

  • MD commented on the post, trap 7 years ago

    “Serena, don’t go! It’s a trap!” Selena said, her twin. Oh no. Its too late. Serena was now lured into a trap. A very inescapable trap that no one can ever escape. Its now or ready. Serena was now in the hands of a lover.

  • MD commented on the post, methods 7 years ago

    The methods of living my life is simply doing your own will. This is your own life, it’s not ours, not theirs, not his/her. It’s yours. Use it wisely as you can. Don’t waste it as other assholes do. This is one of […]

  • MD commented on the post, losses 7 years ago

    The team was now losing. Now what? Is there a sign of hope for them? None. So why play? Because they want to. They want to have fun. They didn’t want to receive power but they only want to enjoy the games.

  • MD commented on the post, principal 7 years ago

    “GINO!” The principal shouted. Once again, Gino is now back from his mischiefs since when he was grounded for dumping a girl infront of the public. “Yes sir?” he said. “Gino, why can’t you please stop doing such […]

  • MD commented on the post, cabinet 7 years ago

    “It’s in the cabinet, Jessie.” said Diana. I don’t know what reminds me of that cabinet but they said that its the only way to get to Narnia. So I started shipping in.

  • MD commented on the post, props 7 years ago

    At this moment, the 2K Fest Dancers are now ready to be dazzled in the stage. But there’s something they’re worried about. They forgot the props they made in their classroom. So Vera, the director, went up the […]

  • MD commented on the post, suspects 7 years, 1 month ago

    Michael has a crush on somebody named Diana. Well Diana suspects that Michael has a crush on him. Michael suspects that Diana knows that he has a crush on her. He has nothing else to do but to confess to her. […]

  • MD commented on the post, patrol 7 years, 1 month ago

    TV Patrol was now flashing at my tv screen. A flash news was stated by one of the amazing reporters namely Jessica. It was about the death of the most famous actor, Dolphy. I was so shocked that I bend my knees […]