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    the view from the top of the building was terrifying beyond belief, but she leaned out as far as she could and closed her eyes. The wind was powerful, and she considered, if only for a moment, letting it take her away. Letting go. She could see herself falling, almost. But she didn’t, and she […]

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    The process of awakening was long, and arduous. When he had first risen from his hospital white bed, he had been subjected to a series of needles no human being should, in his opinion, be forced to endure.

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    I thought I wrote about this yesterday? Maybe I’m psychic. Or, I could just be insane. Autrement dit, Fou. In other words, Insane. I may have spelled that wrong; I’ve only been taking french for five years, after all.

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    It may seen radical in retrospect, but at the time it was a good idea.Yes. Yes, I know. Uh huh. Of course we didn’t plan to decimate the population, or to destroy all hope of future humans. What point are you trying to make with this, mother?

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    He thought that she would relate the two events. He also thought her lipstick was orange. The lipstick was salmon, and the correlation between his mother and her brother didn’t interest her.

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    There was a castle up above, soaring so high he couldn’t see the tops of the lowest turrets. It was amazing, but still, he preferred the sight of his own little cottage. So many memories locked behind its doors, so many beautiful moments now barred from his touch.

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    If it is true that tears are the pain of the Gods, I guess our loathing was mutual on that day. I stood still, letting the water soak my flesh and chill my bones. After all, it comes from the Gods. Why not let it?