• it’s about being persistent to one step, to the next thing in front you, to the next thing you are going to say or write. don’t wander from left to write and back only to be going around in circles. be persistent. one step at a time. Maintain your cadence. Once the step one is cleared, you’ll be on a solid base and you wont have to go back. only forward.

  • Right now i am trying to find my direction. My compass is lost. I know it’s there in the back pocket of that jeans. But I left the jeans at the last waterfall. Lost my pants and my direction.
    compass can also make circles.
    right now i am going in circles.

  • Madhur Anand commented on the post, atlas 2 years, 12 months ago

    my friend loves atlases. he had many of them at home and showed me what makes a good atlas. i remember a story by jorge borges about a king who wanted to make a real life atlas. anoteher planet just like this one. its been really long i have seen an atlas lately. in old days i dreamed of exploring uncharted lands and adding to the atlas.

  • promises. i have always run from them because i can’t keep them. i just cant keep my promises. will i ever be able to do it. maybe i force myself.

  • Madhur Anand commented on the post, must 6 years, 11 months ago

    I must do this. i must do that. i must become creative. i must make films. i must enjoy life. i must earn , marry, do all this. i must live. and i must get out of this. away. but then i’m escaping. i must not do that. i must be something. and that is myself.

  • Madhur Anand commented on the post, roar 7 years, 1 month ago

    some when we are silent its the loudest roar we are sending out. the kings and the lions roar to make their presence felt. some use voice and some dont.

  • They are afraid that themselves will never be able to do what we are able to. hence they try to demotivate us. stop us. that’s their fear, not reason. Stopping us, not advice. iinfact they are advising themselves against it.