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    Pull and strain over and over again down through the ruts and clouds of sinewed smoke. Another day and fan fane greets our mediocrity

  • Cappuccino hot burning powerfully flooding me with maraschino memories of happy days in the little glass house. So good. So free. But they can’t be real. Zeno saw the truth…the double is equal to its half

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    Hours melt into days and the thin ribbon of crimson continues its dance. Flitting between the numbered dashes. It is not enough. Worn by time and tide. Swayed by capricious kiss of the goddess.

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    One beneath the cloudless sky. Cool breezes filter through the swaying tree limbs and dance upon my skin. I slink down to avoid the unforgiving sun

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    What is it that we seek to fill in us? We build the temple. Sacrifice the precious parts of our pure and distant past

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    It is time to find the strength. Cast off the weight of doubt and the shackles of fear. To stand in Solidarity…in Hope…in Love

  • Tucked back in the corner of a must old cabinet sits a mason jar tightly sealed. Written with grease pencil on the topic, one word lies veiled in dust…”savings”

  • Long and winding as it stretches out to the horizon. Broken and scattered smooth stones cover the quiet earth

  • long step stairs disappear into blackness. I stand in the doorway. My foot inching toward the threshold

  • betrayer of trust the smiles that lies. you see nothing but you . people are merely objected around you to be used and manipulated. no trust no hope. vengeance

  • thief taker sneaky dark hidden dishonest smiling faces used cars taking advantage turn bend in the road the