• You still give me butterflies in my stomach.
    Every time I look into your eyes,
    I see our future.
    Your beautiful smile
    Lights up my world.
    I know I shouldn’t feel this way,
    But I never want it to end.
    When you kiss me,
    I get chills down my spine.
    When I think of losing you,
    I cry.
    When you hold me tight,
    I never want you to let go.
    I…[Read more]

  • Darkness surrounds me.
    Slowly creeping up,
    Reminding me of my fate.
    It cringes when I smile,
    Brightening my soul.
    It smiles when I cringe,
    Bringing me back to darkness.
    It feeds off of my unhappiness.

  • I am unique.
    Peeling off a new layer,
    And discovering a new aspect.

    I am unique.
    I have my own voice,
    And my own body.

    I am unique.
    I control my own fate,
    And let no one control my path.

    I am unique.
    I have my own habits,
    And my own way of coping

    But now I am ordinary,
    Because this is the way
    Everyone lives their lives.

  • I trust him.
    I know he is telling the truth.
    You try to make me think,
    That he is toxic.
    I don’t see it the way you do.

    I see how he is changing.
    I see that he doesn’t want to lose me.

    You convince me that he has cheated,
    Yet I know he hasn’t.
    You tell me to break up with him.
    You say he treats me like shit.
    You don’t see the…[Read more]

  • Mabel Robson commented on the post, moth 2 years, 11 months ago

    Drawn to light.
    Never truly being able to catch it.
    Distracted by the illumination.
    Attracted to beauty.
    Searching for their transformation.
    Too focused on the journey.
    Striving for happiness,
    But only getting a grasp on it momentarily.
    Preoccupied with inevitable demise

  • Jumping from one building to the other.
    Glancing below,
    As you fly in between.
    Seeing silhouettes of people,
    Appreciating how far away you are.
    As you get distracted,
    You slip,
    And tumble off the rooftops back to reality.