• I grasped the pole just as I was about to fall into the depths of the bottomless canyon. I shouted. But I was alive. My friend reached down, just far enough for me to grab her hand and hoist myself up. She saved my life.

  • When I think of salesman, I automatically picture a used car salesman. Where I come from, there is this incredibly obnoxious car salesman who puts the most annoying advertisements in history on television. He talks about the cars he has, without script, and ends every single advertisement by saying “it’s gonna be /huuuuuuuuuge./”

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    I see a brick wall in the middle of an endless grassy field. Seems like a simple image. Very plain, typical… ………. sadly I can’t think of much to write about a wall.

  • My girlfriend is amazing. She isn’t like other girls. I know many guys may say that about their girlfriends, but for real, this one is different. She has so many amazing features that make her so beautiful and kind and wonderful. She never wears makeup, or does her hair, or paints her nails or anything, because she knows she is most beautiful as herself.

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    Funny, I wrote about the word Cool yesterday. Perhaps it is a different kind of cool? Yesterday I talked about snowdrifts and cold temperatures, but perhaps this word is decribing a hip personality? Perhaps they thought my entry was cool, so they used the same word again so I would write more about cool stuff?

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    It was cool outside. the wind blew harshly, dnowdrifts piled up, blocking doors and windows, shutting people into the darkness of their homes. Power lines failed, heating systems broke, and the entire city was doomed to face the subzero temperatures without question.

  • I have been musical since I was a kid. My next door neighbor sold us a brand new piano for only $500, which was very kind of him. I grew up playing the upright, and it still sits in our livingroom. I never would have had this much knowledge about music if it were not for him.

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    Real. What is real? Many things are real. But it doesn’t matter so much what is real as it does what is fake. Things that are not real are exciting, thrilling, and capture our attentions. If everything was real, what fun would that be? Perhaps we should be more thankful for everything that is not real rather than what is.

  • Most of my family lives close to home. We needn’t travel very far to see them. There are many cousins and siblings and relatives who have birthdays, and for each one we gather and celebrate.