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    “charmed, I’m sure,” his smile gives off the varied lights of the nightclub-esque environment, all darkness and fog and lasers. he bends to place a kiss on the back of her hand, to wink his eyes up at hers as he does so. the blush across her face is washed out by the blinking lights above the dj stand.
    “i-indeed,” she stammers, for want of a…[Read more]

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    the open wound on her spine becomes a hard, maroon scab, itching and crunching on her back as she rolls her shoulders and washes her hair. that scab peels and stings under the harsh torrent of scalding water, becomes thin and pink and fleshy, glistening on her back like muscle peaking through the skin. finally scar tissue folds over the tender…[Read more]

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    when the world opened up and swallowed her, no one could scream. no one could avert their gaze, or even think. his reaction was the fastest. it was to run. jump the chasm, barrel headfirst into her, snaking his arms around her waist ans squeezing as hard as he could while she laughed and laughed. she slipped her fingers into his hair and they…[Read more]

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    she goes around like that too often. in nothing but my polo shirt and her underwear. bare legs, bare arms, even in winter around the below-freezing house because we’re both too cheap to turn up the heat. of course i myself don’t mind. i do mind when she forgets what she’s wearing and answers the door like that.

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    they stumbled off the ship, trying to get their bearings, trying not to fall over as their legs connected to their first bit of solid ground in weeks. they were sent across the pond on an mission, husbands and wives, families with kids, to begin a small village. the work began immediately: a few men were felling trees, women were scavenging for…[Read more]

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    the way the bomb leveled the terrain, made it a smooth, unblemished–unarguably lovely–plate of glass, startled even her. she stared down at it, stared at the reflections of the nonplussed clouds in the gentle green left by the wake of the devastating explosion–was no one question? what they’d done? what was really the cause of this beauty?–and…[Read more]

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    the print of her leggings, a sharp contrast to the plain grey of her long-sleeved tunic, and the strawberry cream of her vest. it was wild and the print seemed to spin and dance as she moved, giving you a headache as you stared. or maybe that was the whack of her hand on the back of your head for staring that gave you the headache, but her smile…[Read more]

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    well this girl is four feet of being super annoying to me right now.
    and i’m sure she’s thinking, “damn girl five feet of what-do-you-think-you’re-doing.”
    i click my tongue and look away from her, even though she isn’t doing much and we’re supposed to be working together, i just want to get this project done and get my good grade, my better…[Read more]

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    “Is this okay?”
    “Yeah, they’re just ‘materials’ anyway.”
    The man with the clipboard eyes the smoking man skeptically, one eyebrow raised above the other. He looks down at his paper of names and checkmarks. “So these girls are all going…?”
    “Overseas.” The dull-eyed man, cigarette clutched between his parched lips, refuses to give any more of…[Read more]

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    her body stretches, leans, contorts into shapes of the unimaginable and perfectly imaginable. and as you stare at her back, her tanned, sweating back, at the purposeful scar in between her shoulder blades, the rippling skin torn up like a tattoo, you realize what it is. a phoenix. a brilliant and bloody red phoenix, containing and radiating all…[Read more]

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    she stands alone at the apex of a series of towers, of the ring of fortifications surrounding her most important person’s kingdom. she would fight any enemy here; she would die here, if only for that person. and even as the greatest army she’s ever seen–a hundred thousand? a million?–rounds the hill in front of her, blocks out the sun and her…[Read more]

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    she raises the baton before the chorus, and the sea of smiling faces gazes back at her, steady their fidgeting feet and hold their little paper books in front of them. the childrens’ choir prepares for its last performance of the year. with one measure of silence, the children come in, their eyes following her baton as it rises and falls in time.

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    “two for the price of one, hm?”

    death looks on from his perch in the sky, hovering a dozen feet above the unhappy couple, their hands linked in a final intimacy before the cliff and its rocky waters below claim both their lives. death picks the scraps of his last meal off the razor edge of his scythe as the two plummet, and he catches their…[Read more]

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    the different ways to serve others are truly diverse. some suit more sugary tastes, while others look so good overwhelmed with spice. in every way, man is a dish best served hot, and freshly hunted.

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    standing on the stage, she glares out at the audience, a stiff face, fists balled at her sides, and when she speaks it’s like she screams. everyone is caught of guard; everyone is enraptured. the audience leans forward in their seats for her impassioned soliloquy. they want to hear catch every syllable, every sharp intake of breath and hold it in…[Read more]

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    it’s hard not to rant at a person you hate so much. when he smiles at you like you’re exactly the man he wanted to see and you just feel the blood rise in your cheeks and want to give him a stern talking to. and speaking with him is like dancing on a landmine, you never know when everything is going to explode and… you want to scream at him that…[Read more]

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    the puzzle loomed in front of them. they stared between each other, held gazes with anxious eyes, frowned and flinched. it was huge, meters taller than all of them put together, a cube of wooden blocks cut into tetris pieces and mushed together. their task was to take it apart and put it back together again. if only they could figure out how to…[Read more]

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    a crowded table in the middle of a foggy room. the wrinkled look on behind their steepled hands. let their counterparts speak. speak in turn. take turns until the tables turn and there’s no more discussion to be had because there’s been a dysfunction, a riot and we need to evacuate, save it, this place that should be a safe haven, it isn’t…[Read more]

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    the glass slowly rose from the plate in the middle of the table, the masked audience gathered around in awe. a pristine head, her hair fine and delicate, cut to sway around her face with the gentlest motion, stared back at them. she couldn’t swivel to gaze in horror at them all, for she had no neck to swivel on. she could only meet eyes with the…[Read more]

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    he set his drink down on the coaster, slick black to match the marble of the large table. he stared up at his masterpiece, smiled, at the symbol of his dominance hanging daintily over the center of his grand table. the girl in the bind, hair awash down her back like a white river, couldn’t smile back at him; she was trussed, suspended in a complex…[Read more]