• It hung like a stone around her waist, a heavy reminder of what was to come. People would see the bulge in her middle and squeal at her with delight and she would smile and nod and pretend it was alright. But alone at night, she would sit up and run her palms over the […]

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    The sweep of wings over head brought her attention to the sky. The bird looked like it shouldn’t have been able to fly, its legs too long and the gangly neck doubled back over itself. But the wings stretched from one tip of the sun to the other and its grace was more than any […]

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    It swung behind him, a long length of woven hair. Like a tail, like a brand, he kept it neat and clean, even in the middle of fighting a dozen zombies. The same could not be said about any of the rest of him.

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    “It’s not that I think you’re ugly, per say. It’s just that I think… well… I think you’re a heinous wreck of a human being with no spine, no redeeming qualities, bad breath, and a tendency to whine at everything when you could, you know, do something! Am I being too honest? Did I forget […]

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    The water rose around her ankles, a chill chasing its way further up her body. The chill clung to her as she moved deeper, till the water brushed the tops of her rolled up pants legs and then spread higher without her help.

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    The can of soda bounced off of the back of his head. He dropped with a yelp as it landed beside him with the sound of punctured aluminum. A moment later, he was covered in sticky orange ancient soda. Cathy watched from around the corner and decided that maybe there were better ways to let […]

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    The surge of feeling rushed through her, a charge of energy or something else. Her lips parted, a sharp breath escaped her and she let herself fall into his waiting arms, overcome by what he had to offers.

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    “It’s not that I think what you’re doing is, you know, bad per say. But on the spectrum of right and wrong it isn’t, well…”
    “What your mother is trying to say is that this is worth twelve years in jail.”

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    The creature moved through the woods, each foot step leaving ash in the wake of its hooves. And where the tips of its arching antlers brushed the over hanging leaves, flickers of flame licked upwards, eating into the canopy of trees.

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    It slipped out of my fingers and fell to the floor with a clatter. A trophy that should have meant something, but didn’t. The day was one, I was on top. But somehow, without her by my side, I knew I had lost. The top was lonely, they said. They were right.

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    Life is written in the pages of the Lady’s journal. She writes down all the things that must be remembered, even when no one wants to, especially when no one wants to. She keeps the words safe in her library, deep under the earth, where the worms dare not wriggle and the moths never nibble […]

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    The blast of cold hit like a sledge hammer, knocking him off of his feet. It was harder than a wall, for all that it had no substance at all. There were few feelings as shocking as being slammed by the North Wind Itself.

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    With each divide and multiply, she grew a little stronger. A few more here, a few more there, then scattering across the landscape. And then growing where they landed. Sometimes they failed, sometimes they died, but the growth continued, leading towards the oncoming revolution.

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    “Oh, sure, I could tell you the future if you wanted. I could even tell you your future! It’s not that hard to do, you know. But ask yourself, you wanna live the life that I see for you?” “What is that suppose to mean?” “Prophecy is impossible to escape. Once you know where you’re […]

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    She cradled it in her hand, a tiny, fragile thing. She wondered if the warmth of her hand would be enough to hatch the egg into the thin boned creature she knew hid inside the thick shell. She wondered if she could raise it herself, always tucked in the curve of her palm.

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    The empty blank inside of her was the worst of the whole affair. Losing her beloved, her position, her very name all stung. But none of it hurt as much as the loss of her belief that there were such things as happy endings. She would just have to make an unhappy ending now.

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    She breathed deep the scents of water and mint leaves, where they hung heavy in the blue summer sky. She watched the flowers as they swayed in the breeze with a sense of nothing but wonder. The winter maiden breathed a sigh at things she was never meant to see as her robe puddled into […]

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    It was a slow progress, to move from one car to another. The whole machine, so quiet from inside, was a rattling mess that felt like it would give away at any second, throwing the passenger daring to pass between cars into the oblivion of blue sky that stretched over head. But forward was always […]

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    The wind whistled along the tracks, following a train as it blew on past the platform. Terrence was sure it was suppose to stop, but the damn thing didn’t even stop. He pushed his glasses up onto his nose and glowered at the once again empty tracks, only a little piece of paper blowing to […]

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    The howl shook the clearing and sent leaves scattering to the ground. The beast pulled itself up, body screaming in pain. Another howl, anguished, tore free. But then the pack was there, a dozen warm furred bodies on all sides and the beast knew it was home at last.