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    My heart. With yours. Like it was meant to be. My eyes meet yours. Like no one else was meant to ever be between them. Like nothing but our minds were ever meant to fit together. Like two halves of a pair.

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    The process of life is never easy, and the approach that is often taken is just to “deal” with it. Maintaining this throughout life tends to suck the excitement and beauty out of it. Instead, we should find meaning in every moment that we can.

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    She felt like she was being bombarded with so input that she couldn’t see or hear anything. Disaster was raining down and she was struggling to move forward at all. She dimly made out her one constant in the chaos, and strained toward him with every ounce of strength she had left.

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    She paced the floor, visualizing one end of the room as one decision and the other as her other option. She knew which one was right, and which one was the least painful, and they weren’t the same.

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    Learning is a discipline, and takes discipline. To be an academic person not only means that you have a love for learning, but have also demonstrated the discipline it takes to achieve a strong range of knowledge.

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    Come on, grow some skin. You can’t get through this world in one piece if you insist on it being perfect. You have to live with things that irritate you, and you can’t afford to be sensitive to every little thing that hurts or that you don’t agree with. It’s much more valuable to be able to live with people no matter what.

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    You were selected. Not because you are better, but because you are special. We need you, and exactly you. Don’t get cocky, just prepare, and be sure you know exactly who you are, because that’s exactly who you’re going to have to be.

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    He analyzed her with the deepest scrutiny he had ever studied someone. He stopped himself, wondering why he was so worried about her, and realized that it was because she had more ability than anyone in the entire world to hurt him, and so he had to know everything about her.

  • She was fragile, and when he swing her around on the dance floor he felt like he had the power to make her fly or to crush her heart. He knew in that moment, as he looked into her eyes in their first dance, he would always handle her with the utmost care.