• Sleep was all but easy for the girl. Every night, the same routine. Nightmare, aircon breaking, sleep paralysis, staying up. Insomnia wasn’t an uncommon word either- she felt it the best describer of her situation, but people took it as a word to describe her.

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    It always takes a while to recover. And it’ll still hurt afterwards. No matter what, it’ll stay, it’ll linger, it’ll fester under your skin until you can’t handle any more. But trying to speed a recovery up– It’ll only make it more painful in the long run. You’ll always be able to remember how good it felt, or how amazingly optimistic you were…[Read more]

  • She was always excluded. Or she always excluded herself. It was one or the other. Yes, she was tired of it. Yes, she didn’t want it to happen. Yes, she so desperately wanted to be included. But did she ever try? No. Did the others ever think to try? Maybe, but no. And it’s always been that way. “You went somewhere last friday with the others?”…[Read more]

  • Take it carefully, step by step. It’ll take a while to recover, I know. And I know that it’ll hurt, each step you get farther away. But you have to. It’s going to hurt, and you’re going to want to turn around and go leap right back into his or her arms, but please… don’t torture yourself any more. You cannot turn around, and you cannot walk…[Read more]