• Crafty heartache and whirlwinds go. Sick of the wrongs and you not letting it go. Twisted all the ick into some sick show. Magically throwing shade to all that the sun has tried to grow!

  • asphyxiating on the energy that my soul ravenously ingests hoping that others can digest spreading the seeds of life through the world like misted star filled skys

  • My relationship with you has been historic, put in the memory banks of this tarter filled brain. I will flip the page to the right here and now and hope to forget my rage and your war. The shrapnel may leave scars but wounds they heal and my heart moves on.

  • my relationship with you has been historic, put in the memory banks of this tarter filled brain. I will flipp the page to the right here and now and hope to forget my rage.

  • Footage of my life streams online, posted love, failure, growth. Day upon day of evidence to the next generation to study. Open confessions of my minds crime. Treasures and trash that pile upon one another. wants and needs planting the seeds of time.

  • Dixie dot is sitting by my side! She got a haircut, and feels like a queen! I feel so blessed to be in this home!

  • With furious anger I disconnect from your soul, vibrating, wrought with disapproval I snare at your shadow of hate and delusional cockeyed views. I release you.

  • Im drowning in my emotion from offerings of you. Who are you to tell me Im crazy for what I do? I am alive and I am as I should be. I refuse you for submerging me into this overwhelming sea.

  • I will not delight you fancy for I have tried for months
    you slurp my sweetness and turn me sour
    engulfed by aspartame fakeness
    my blood thins with reality

  • pixels of the past flood way to my soul, alone I feel beside you. I yearn for colorful arrangements of life, i need the exchange, I need freedom, and trust but can you have one without the other?

  • Luchador Lavender commented on the post, wall 7 years ago

    No boundaries here, no brick walls, I have torn them like the Berlin wall.. Crashed and tattered the barriers crumble with ease I am ME!

  • More than five, less then 15 i took my history finals and finished before anyone else! Thank you for a great study group and allowing me to take the quiz 2 days early, now i have the rest of the week off! woot woot!!

  • Its funny how each day these words fit the scene of my life. Today I am available to fight for the public and whats right! God Speed!

  • I am presented with challenges on a daily basis, with these I have a choice…. to kick their ass outta the ball park, or let them defeat me…. Lets ROCK! All I gotta say!!

  • Methods help progress, steps that you need to get to a goal, everyone has one, many have two, the few who don’t, crave yours, people will pay to get your methods even if they are of madness because they are worth their weight in gold. Feasibility, held through time there

  • S.O.S this is a Broadcast of the crazy ass human system, consumption is killing us all, please make haste and conserve your waste, and love you neighbor, unfortunately they might be the last thing you taste!!!

  • sparkling flat and clear lake, oooo haw i lie in wait my eyes following the wake, sun crashing in my eyes oooo summer surprise..clouds glorious cries.

  • It is simple to pass classes if you are very organized, it is the key to success! The syllabubs is so helpful.

  • various degrees of life emerge as the vortex crumbles within its self, pushing forward to the existence of now, where will we end up, where will this go, constantly changing and moving forward thats all i know.

  • combine your efforts with that of the worlds and make change!