• “”What do you do for a living Bert?” SHerice said as she played with his tie. “I’m an executive” he said with a Texan drawl. It sounded like it had a purpose but Sherice wasn’t sure what that mnight be. “Oooh that sounds mighty impressive Bert”.

  • If he was going to make an approach couldn’t he just hurry up and get on with it? Tandy sipped her lime cordial, increasingly frustrated by his dithering

  • David’s teacher was exasperated: he needed a statement, then he’d get the one-to-one support he really needed. He kept shouting out. “We need to rebalance the economy!” he’d scream as the class were trying to concentrate on their poetry anthologies.

  • “MY, my what atangled web we weave” said Maurice as he looked at Clarice’s hair, “There’s not much I can do”. He revved up the shaver and Clarice gasped.

  • Oh I do hope there’s an enormous revolt in PArliament Square. This govewrnment have no mandate for the vandalism they are committing. People

  • It wouldn’t be a wrench leaving here. I would skippety-skip out of this town. I stay here for my children.

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    Maggie thought her legs were going to go: they’d turned to jelly. It was the eyes boring right into her and the playful smile/ The proximity of possibility after wanting this for so long.

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    George had noticed the thumb print of coal dust, smudgy black, in the thick white bread. The working class, often a bit smelly. He put this in his novel “The Road To Wigan Pier”, betraying his true bourgeois self.

  • As the meeting finally drew to a close Clarice thought she’d escape quickly. Rod slimed over to her. “I need those reports on my desk ASAP”. He was the sort who spoke in acronyms, full of his own self-importance and deeply repugnant.

  • Enid mentioned that one of my cousins was driving a Lambourghini now. Although still living in Harlow, Essex. I could sense her feeling that she had somehow wounded me. A LAmbourghini I said, eyebrows arched, how discreet.

  • Nothing but bargain basement stores and make-shift stalls selling oddments. This place is going to the dogs Therese thought to herself. If only the government would pursue Keynesian policies rather than persisting in a fantasy whereby the private sector would magically rise up and rescue us all from the abyss we are peering in to.

  • Bernice pushed the rocket idly around on her plate. “I’m sorry, I’m leaving you, I can’t do this anymore” she rehearsed before Simon came back from the men’s room. He sat down, looked at her fa

  • Could Edward’s problems be solved by a frivilous and superficial make-over? The paunch was unattractive, and as for the hair… Still beauty did begin within and Edward might benefit from reading more literatu

  • Liberty was all a-flutter in the kitchen. She’d lost the recipe for the apricot and parmesan stuffing and worse still, she had picked her nose after peeling chillies. Her nostrils burned like billy-o and her she was hosting her in-laws for the first time. Heavens to betsy.

  • When Benedict runs he is like a gazelle. Light of foot, slight of frame. I watched as he flew past the other 400 boys, effortless and handsome. The mud splatter

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    “..and of course the Elizabethans didn’t have the luxury of drains”. The students laughed politely sharing the joke. Professor Robeta Von Mindt swung her legs roun