• inabilities plague the malcontent of the soul
    stepping backwards without feet to stand on.
    lovely dreams of the agonizing understanding
    gathering together the irreparable damage
    one does not leave the bedside

  • i wanted everything from the start
    thoughts justified by definition of the heart
    everything cant always be fair and true
    but thats facts in life not nonsense i spew

    justice doesnt come for everything thats justify
    and something complicated wont always simplify
    death in the morning mirrors births in the evening
    so good vibes in your…[Read more]

  • All i ever wanted was to be accepted, but this worlds so unforgiving and nothing i expected. They put the veil over our eyes till we walk and graduate then the send us unarmed in a world full of hate.

    Everywhere there are black hearts and cold souls, you get cast aside if you dont do what your told. In these times you cant teach new tricks to…[Read more]

  • as life become one giant pool of suffocation
    the water filling my lungs, drinking it in desperation
    i tried to find a way to swim to the surface
    but i guess the ocean bottom is what i would worship

    to find a way breathe the air
    into the dark abyss i longingly would stare
    what a conundrum to want drown but also breathe
    i guess the mind is…[Read more]

  • Lovelysunnyday commented on the post, cry 3 years, 4 months ago

    Gently placed hand on my shoulder
    with the warmth and support that i need
    to build up toward the sky where there
    is a limit that i need to push past.

    believing in myself can be hard
    i’m not one to stand my ground most of the time
    i just carry myself through life
    and hope that my cry will be heard if even uttered

    Reaching out for…[Read more]

  • i could have seen it coming.
    i could have tried to stop
    but i couldn’t seem to do it
    the inevitable i put off.
    i gathered all my energy
    and tried to follow through
    but in the end the trails i left
    were windy and askew
    i could of taken one way
    but chose the other path
    footstep after footstep
    and the unwavering wrath
    of all the…[Read more]

  • i ran along side the mountain
    brimming with beauty
    towering over the valley below
    my eyes followed the moon
    yet in place, in front of me
    laid ahead the treacherous route
    that my soul had wanted to take
    not fearing that it could bring turmoil
    on the heart and mind.
    yet if i was to just ascend down
    and be on my merry way
    my soul would…[Read more]

  • This life has a way of leading you
    into unfamiliar territory
    to things that even your calm side
    can’t tame the wilderness roaming inside you
    and yet here you stand amongst that
    waiting for the opportune moment
    to strike your claws into life
    like a lion in that of a gazelle
    and take the world for the mighty creature you are

  • the light silhouetted your face
    and illuminated the eyes that bore
    such depth that no ocean bottom could compare too
    and i traced along the laugh lines on your face
    with my eyes and heart.
    paralleling my own to yours
    how handsome you are to me.
    and watched as every step you took
    even those you took back
    just kept in line with the beat of…[Read more]

  • the eyes lit up
    with the fire of your soul
    i could see the nonsense
    making sense once we collided
    our lights followed one another
    down the streets of time
    and danced with what is known
    as love but to us just what we were meant to do
    and that smile i had painted on your face
    could have the heavens weep
    for the beauty that would emanate…[Read more]

  • i found the light within you
    dimming ever so
    but with the help of my love
    I’d watch that flame grow.
    no longer in the void
    no longer lost among
    the songs that once played silently
    are now being sung.
    the night was to disappear
    among the bright light son
    i seal fate with a kiss.
    two hearts beat as one

  • along the track of life.
    one foot in front of the other
    bet against the odds of humanity
    i silently hope
    that silver lining
    will become a clear ray of sunshine
    and i will dance along the track
    the finish line my hearts desires.
    not lacking the depth to achieve.

  • I danced among the treeline.
    letting silhouettes of light
    brimming through the trees
    move with every inch of my body
    that slowly sway with the breeze.
    a projection of life coming from the body
    each move another frame
    bringing altogether the wondrous soul inside.

  • i walked along the riverbed
    hand in hand with the night
    the moon my guide
    and the rives flow my Melody
    singing a song of continuing on
    and longing for whats ahead
    the moon had kissed my thoughts
    with such effervescence that the path
    i followed was the right one

  • Alas i sat there dwindling on things that had occurred
    played over in my mind like a repeating soundtrack
    of every wrong and right i’ve done.
    of everything i had hoped and wished for.
    and i had strung it along carefully like a delicate string of pearls
    each pearl an unplanned sequence yet strung together
    on the thread of life.

  • Lovelysunnyday commented on the post, if 6 years, 1 month ago

    A question arises from the depths
    of ones inner self
    looking for absolution
    in a world plagued with uncertainty
    situations played out by the mind
    long for answers that the outer world cannot answer
    spewing thoughts out like a hose spewing water
    and watering the grass that is your mind.

  • Alas they all gathered
    among the leaves and cherry blossoms.
    two people set apart
    bu time and circumstances
    yet waves of connectivity
    lingered and kept them bound.
    giving them the strings
    that tied them together
    transcending through time

  • Lovelysunnyday commented on the post, improv 6 years, 1 month ago

    I lacked what seemed
    what everyone else had
    like everything in the world was a stage
    life was a story played by actors
    with predetermined rolls and lines
    that followed each act
    without even thinking that
    maybe there was a way to break free
    from all the held us down
    in the world

  • just like you have i have become hard
    hardened by a world
    that had expectations.
    for the mechanism
    of the world.
    bland and repetitive.
    but softly did the woes go.
    unbound by the freedom.
    of the chains oppressed by society

  • alas the waters drifted on
    no destination bound
    they followed the tides
    that pushed and pulled
    till the shore they found
    meanwhile the moon
    with her glowing smile.
    let the tides follow her lead
    but only for tonight.
    but only for a while.