• Lou commented on the post, temper 8 years, 7 months ago

    he banged his fist down on the table.
    once again, i backed myself into a corner, holding my head in my hands. i hated these outbursts. but i loved him. and that’s why i stayed. no other reason. just him…

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    “Drink it” he whispers to me. And I want to. I want it more than anything I’ve wanted before. The sweet, thick syrup dripping down my throat. But I can’t. My body won’t allow it… I’m paralysed by the thoughts spinning in my head. The what ifs and the what nots. “Drink it…” He pours […]

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    I’m standing there, trying to recall the words I’ve looked at so many times. But my mind’s a blank. There’s a block somewhere, and I can’t shift it. There’s thousands of people staring at me, waiting with anticipation. And all I can do it stare. I’ve failed. This is it. This is the end… And […]