• He had disregarded her as some unholy peasant. There for she saw him commit the crime. He didn’t think that someone so small and insignificant could get him caught. What he didn’t realize though was that she was […]

  • The torture was unmerciful. I fainted from the pain every once in a while and when i woke up they would start again. That wasn’t the worst part though, the worst part was the things they made me eat. The tastes […]

  • I was taught to listen. Listening is everything in life, when you listen you learn. When you learn you gain valuable knowledge, when you gain knowledge you gain wisdom. When you gain wisdom, you gain the right for […]

  • They were to separated for their love was forbidden. He was a comener and she was royalty, it was forbiden. They had met in the strangest of circimstances when he snuck onto palace grounds to rob the castle for […]

  • The earrings were priceless and just having one of them would set Tate for life. This was his plan, to get set for life. He just had to make it around the world’s best security and the world’s most guarded […]

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    The creature had bitten me and i felt as if flames were creeping up my arm and over my body. The old man had warned me of this happening, the creature bites its victims, its venom could kill a man instantly. Thank […]

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    The pins hurt in my arm. I can’t believe i took that stupid dare! I should of known that Jerry would trick me like that, I could of died. People like him don’t care though as long as they get what they want. I […]

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    I looked behind me, i didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Stop being such a scaredy cat i thought. All these stories of The Hood is just giving you the creeps, they aren’t true. Then i heard a whisper, i felt […]

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    The steps creaked as I stepped on them. I jumped when i heard a rat scuffle by me. I wasn’t sure why i decided to take the dare, it just felt right at the time. Now i regret it with my every shaking part of me. I […]

  • i grip my gun as tight as i can and slowly look around the corner. I curse as a bullet wizzes by me, is there any way to get out of here alive? i dont think so, but i can’t give up. i have to get the message to […]

  • the man drew terrified, he didn’t have a lantern to light his way so now he was stuck. Stuck in the wilderness where you don’t want to be stuck. The man tried putting on a brave face to show courage he did not […]

  • a generator is something that provides light or heat, in some situation generators are life savers to many different people, they give us the heat we need to live.

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    i love solving mazes its always fun because you have to make the choice of the right path. i love corn mazes , even though i’ve never been in one, its 3-D and a real adventure especially when you have chainsaws […]

  • I remember reading the book “The Gospel According to Larry” a couple months ago and about how there was a whole festival that was commited to getting rid of comercial merchandise or something of the sort

  • liberty is what makes us… us. america is full of liberty as paul revere stated “Give me liberty or give me death!” it puts a lot of thought on the subject of freedom. we are such a strong country as long as we keep our very hard earned liberty. with out liberty we are nothing […]

  • When you conceal something you hide it. I love to conceal all of my candy so my brothers can’t get any of it…. that doesn’t work though and I just end up coming home from school to find all of my candy gone and I’m left to clean up all the wrappers, talk about unfair!

  • lilies remind me of the time i was at a small pond with my entire family…. those days were happy and we had fun picking the lilies and feeding ducks. it was a spectacular view of a waterfall and frogs were jumping everywhere.