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    There was a gunshot and tires screeched across the pavement as the car soared around the corner and out of sight. He knelt there, holding the limp girl in his arms, wondering if his whole world had just been taken from him or not. But he knew one thing for sure. It burned within him […]

  • As the rain fell from the sky, he looked up the the clouds and closed his eyes, letting the rain fall on his face. Pixies surrounded him in a curious flock, swirling around and whispering things to each other in a language she didn’t understand. She stood there, watching him, and it dawned on her […]

  • Rain fell from the sky, splattering on the ground, hitting the body on the road with dull patters. He stood there, over the body, wondering what he should do. He couldn’t let them take her. She was just a kid–she didn’t know what she’d done! With a sigh of determination, he bent and grabbed the […]

  • He sat down in the comfortable arm chair that was in the very center of his library room. He put it there because being int he center of all his knowledge helped him think. All his books and thoughts simply at his fingertips helped him think. As he thought, as he concentrated, he jumped up […]

  • He took my hand gently in his, and I could only stare into his eyes, helplessly lost in them, as he leaned forward, pulling me slightly into a passionate kiss that didn’t last long enough. As he pulled away and smiled, I couldn’t help the contagious smile from spreading to my face as well.

  • It wasn’t the time or the money, or even the pain that mattered to me. The only thing that I cared about was that I was able to make this one small sacrifice for you. Having been able to protect you, so you could live perhaps just another day, was all that I need to […]

  • I fell to the ground, and was surprised to find that I didn’t feel any pain. A bullet had been shot at me, but it hadn’t hit me. I looked up to see him standing before me. Had he pushed me out of the way and gotten hit himself? As he crumpled to the ground […]