• lorin commented on the post, gesture 5 years ago

    His hand moved to my face, brushing away a lock of hair.

    It was a loving, intimate gesture and I had to look away from his face.

    I couldn’t do this. Not now.

  • lorin commented on the post, apologetic 5 years ago

    He looked at me; those big, sad eyes screaming for forgiveness, giving me an apology he couldn’t possibly put into words.

    Because after what he did-no, he couldn’t.

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to him ever again, and I told him so. Then I ran home, where maybe I could blanket my mind once again.

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    The underdog: or was he?

    Was he really an underdog, was the question. Did he really lose? It made sense, with that scrawny stick figure he had, but she’d seen him, too-seen him run miles, beat up a bully four times his size on the street to protect his sister.

    Was it an act? Why?

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    there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

    The click of heels against the floor usually wasn’t menacing, I mean, come on. Who’d be scared of heels?

    I would.

    In today’s world, everyone.

    It wasn’t even debatable: you heard it, and you ran.