• “Is your father a lord?” he asked
    “You work for him but you don’t even know who he is?” she asked incredulously.
    “Not everyone knows your father missy.”
    She spluttered, which was very unladylike, “Don’t–don’t call me missy!”
    He bowed low, “Sorry ma’am.”
    “Silly Irishman.” she huffed
    He ambled towards her, “You got something against the…[Read more]

  • I placed the vase down carefully. “Exactly….how old is this Mr. Barker?”
    He glanced over, “Multiply your age by about a hundred.”
    My eyes widened and flickered over to the vase sitting innocently on his desk. “But…but…” I sputtered
    Mr. Barker sighed in annoyance, “But what exactly?”
    “Why do you have it?”
    His nose burrowed deeper into…[Read more]

  • I opened my wallet.
    The amount was dismal to say the least.
    “I have to find a place to move out to. I have to pay for school and food.
    Christ what in the world am I going to do.”
    I curled up in a ball in my bed. Breathe in, breathe out.
    First, to save money I couldn’t spend it….on ANYTHING. NO iTunes, DVDs, food or fun activities.…[Read more]

  • “Where in the actual fuck did you get a barrel?”
    He scratched his head, “You know, I honestly have no fucking idea.”
    “Well do you remember anything from last night?”
    His eyes closed for a moment as if he was trying to recall something. He sighed, “Nope. Nuthin’.”
    “Are you kidding? Jesus. Did you lot get roofied or something?”
    “Well…[Read more]

  • He stirred in cream and vanilla.
    He had a whole project due tomorrow too.
    No pay attention. You’re at work.
    Think about work.
    Cream and vanilla. Whip for 30 seconds. There should be a light brownish colour.
    And he had maths work too.
    Ugh god.
    What comes next. Pour previous mixture together. Mix at high speed.
    Fix pie plate.
    As he rolled…[Read more]

  • Living. Alive. Alice. Wonderland. I guess I’ll write something about Wonderland. But not the one you’re thinking of. An entirely different one. Because you see For every little child….even the ones that grow up, there is a Wonderland. Their own personal one. And it is just like how they dreamed it. Because it is their own dream. All the books…[Read more]

  • He is not a patient boy.
    Feet tapping on the ground.
    Fingers ticking out a beat on his knee.
    Fidgeting like a mad man.
    Flickering eyes that can’t stop on anything.
    “AGH!” he finally exploded, jumping to his feet, “I can’t take it anymore! Where is he? Is he okay?”
    The nurse was still a bit shocked and took a moment to compose herself. “Who…[Read more]

  • She was determined. Just….not determined enough to
    actually do it. She lay with her forehead planted firmly on the
    desk in front of her and legs splayed out on both sides of the
    chair. “Whyyyyyy?” she moaned “I thought this class only had a few
    short papers…..not one fifteen page one.” She lifted her forehead
    a moment only to bring it crashing…[Read more]

  • “This presenation is going to kill me. Professor do we really have to do this?”
    He peered over his pipe, “If you thought that magic school was going to be any easier or less stupid than public school than you have another think coming.”
    “I’m realizing that.” I grumbled, stalking off towards the library.

  • There was a pageant during the fair.
    Many of the girls from school had been talking about it for weeks.
    Dieting, dresses, makeup; it had become the talk of the school.
    As she wandered around the fair she came […]

  • The sweat was dripping off of me as I struggled to hold onto his hand.
    “James…” I gasped.
    “Lenora. Let me go.”
    “No! I won’t!”
    But even as I said it he slipped further. Sweat mixed with tears, “I won’t let go […]

  • There was a lantern in the distance.
    I squinted my eyes as it bobbed through the marshes.
    Who else would be out here so late?
    I followed it transfixed, sure that it must be him.
    It must be James.
    Who else? […]

  • Elizabeth Tempest commented on the post, spring 8 years ago

    It was a beautiful spring day. And cherry blossoms fluttered down from tree branches. The sun shone down and made everything so-cozy. Like a warm blanket. The bright green grass tickled my legs and neck as I lay on the ground. Lovely, beautiful. My eyes closed and I started to drift into sleep. “Ophelia…” I […]

  • Elizabeth Tempest commented on the post, mystery 8 years ago

    She’s a mystery. Long curly brown hair bouncing behind her as she tapped up the steps. “Who’s the new girl?” he asked leaning over to Jeffery. “Hmm?” he looked around, “Oh! The girl on the steps? She’s an art prime, don’t know her name though. Brand new today.” “Oh. Interesting.” He watched as she stopped […]

  • Elizabeth Tempest commented on the post, morality 8 years ago

    I have no morality.
    I do as wish.
    Wish as I please.
    And take what I want.
    But apparently you can’t take some things.
    Some things have to be given.
    And for once I will have to work for something.
    I will have to work for her love.

  • Elizabeth Tempest commented on the post, suppose 8 years ago

    I suppose.
    I suppose I could love you.
    I suppose I could stay.
    I suppose that we could be.
    I suppose that you could see.
    I suppose that everything would stop and let us stay.
    I suppose that no matter what I say….
    I’ll love you anyway.

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    The cliff crumbled a bit around my feet into the ocean. I looked behind me fearfully. Then turned to the ocean in front. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I fell forward. Through the air. My hair flew above me. The wind flew past my ears. Flew. Flew. Flying. I was […]

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    She had a braid on either side of her head, the hair was loose and falling out. She painted furiously, eyes wild, overall shorts hanging by one strap. She muttered to herself, words that made no sense together. Numbers spread across all of the walls. An endless stream of seemingly random numbers. And she repeated […]

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    I had always liked romantic things. It was something I had always wished for, dreamed of. Romantic. It made me think of Valentine’s Day, a dad. A sunset. A picnic. That first kiss. But no one ever talks about anything else. Romantic. Romantic is always romanticized. What are you going to do? I’m a romantic. […]

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    Half of a whole.
    We are one.
    And if I ever forget that
    then I will lose myself.
    Half of a whole.
    A whole being.
    Made up of bits that together marry and become happy.
    Two parts become whole.
    Half and half equals one.
    Here we go again.