• One time as a child, I fell off of a scooter. For some reason, I was immediately eager to get back on it. I suppose that’s a trait I should have maintained through my young-adult years.

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    Overt, is covert. There it is, ladies and gentlemen.

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    Security is something viewed as good and necessary for human survival. I see it as a cage, a false sense of happiness. Security CAN bring happiness, but not that much of it. Sometimes it envelops people and they forget how to live with uncertainty and unknowing, which is exciting. I am not currently living my life in hopes of gaining ultimate…[Read more]

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    Everyone has different values, and that’s okay. I just wish people could accept the differences and move on with their lives. No two people are the same, not even the best of friends, and they need to realize that they never will be the same. We all place value and importance on different things, and we all have diverse minds. Too many…[Read more]

  • We named my baby brother after my grandfather. He was the only grandfather I ever knew, and the best there could have been. He passed away seven years ago, and I still remember the sound of his voice when I answered the phone. I still dream about going to lunch with him, spending time with him, yet knowing that he’s dead-I lost him at 11, and I…[Read more]

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    What is so wrong about nonsense? All of life is nonsense. None of it makes sense. It throws things at us that we don’t expect, but we just roll on with it, and before we know it, we’re okay again. Life is complete nonsense, but that is no flaw. It should not be treated as so. I love the nonsense. Entire certainty is impossible to attain, but if I…[Read more]

  • I can only think of the progressive era of united states history, and I don’t even remember much about that. some history fanatic I am. I suppose this means I shouldn’t major in history?

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    He clasped my hand as he tried to find the right words. For once, I had no idea what was going on in his brain. Was this not worth it to him? Were his dreams bigger and better than me? Did he want me beside him as he tried to achieve them? His fingers clenched mine tighter, and I became more afraid. But then, in an unexpected twist of fate, he…[Read more]

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    The whole ordeal was unplanned. I didn’t expect it, neither did he, but there we were, driving to Nashville, our first trip alone, together. No one knew we were gone. We didn’t care. Unplanned was how we wanted it. We grabbed our stuff and followed the white lines all the way to our freedom.