• i love wearing a sweater in the winter. Just a single stripped sweater wrapped and snug around me. I stand out in the cold and it keeps me warm and toasty. I especially love stripped sweater cause you can wear them everyday (:

  • flannel shirts are pretty beast.
    you wash them and they soon go sailing in the wind.
    Loggers wear them as the yodel through the woods
    and cute boys wear them while flirting with girls

  • my life is nothing compared to sunlight. In my world i have darkness not sunlight. Sunlight doesn’t linger into my window to ask if i can play.It creeps the other corner because it knows darkness is at bay.

  • chitter chatter makes my life!!! i love to talk. To chatter on and on about a topic. It bores people to tears i believe, but i guess that’s why i like to write because my chatter can become images if you truly listen to me.

  • im not the tallest
    im not the shortest
    im the one in between
    i have the tallest and widest heart
    and the tallest vocabulary
    for someone so medium in height
    i have the tallest voice
    and the tallest laugh
    so in a way..
    you’re not the tallest
    i am (:

  • She walked along the sidewalk. Barefoot of course. That’s the only way to go. She swayed her arms to the music from her i-pod and her eyes where closed as she hummed the tune. She did a twirl and then opened her eyes…