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    It was crazy. 100% absolutely crazy. But he wanted to do it anyway. After all, Geoff wanted to leave high school with a bang. What better way to do it than this? Everybody wanted him to do it, and hey- you can only pull off one senior prank. It was the perfect plan, everything was […]

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    Suddenly, the car halted to a stop. I went forward, the seatbelt stopping me a bit. He went out and popped the lid. He shrugged. “Nothing wrong here!” I looked at the dials, trying to find something wrong. I saw the gas meter and sighed. “We’re outa gas!”

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    “Are you kidding me? That REALLY happened?” I asked through laughter. She nodded. “Yeah! My brother is SO stupid.” “I can’t believe it, that’s too crazy!” He said. She shook her head. “No, you should! It was hilarious- it even took me a while to believe!”