• “Mom!” Cecilia Stared at the mirror glaring at her reflection “What Cici” Cecilia’s mother replied “What is this in the mirror its me but how?” “That honey is called a reflection” Cecilia’s mother said to her.

  • “Mom! I’m hungry and the school bus is here!” Cynthia said and her stomach growling “Okay sweet pea!” her mother replied “stop calling me sweet pea and Please make my breakfast!” Cynthia’s stomach roared “Okay okay! I’m making breakfast”

  • “Reading this book is getting old and tedious, maybe i should stop reading it.” Lily said as closing her book and looking for a new one. “Honey where did you put that book.” Lily’s mom said. “Oh um that one that i was reading uh um… i threw it in the trash.” “HONEY THAT WAS FOR THE GARAGE SALE!” “… sorry mum.”

  • What is a gameplan? A gameplan is a plan for a game. Like football, soccer and baseball. And game-plan is also a compound word a compound word is when two words are put together and gameplan is one of them.

  • A pack on your back its a backpack! my lovely backpack will tell me the way, i can t find anything today Oh! wait my backpack holds it all silly backback

  • Juvenile, is a kid not an adult juvenile is not a jail (well it is) a juvenile is a kid. (well thats what i know)

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    Soda what a beautiful sight of sprite yummy delicious soda soda soda soda i could drink it all day (Actually i can’t but i’de want to)

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    Soda is UNHEALTHY because it has so many calories i don’t like soda (Actually i kinda do) well anyways it still has sugar!

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    a motor can fuel many things like cars and planes a motor you would not want a rusty old one that would not make your car go far.

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    A century is so so long i bet i’d be dead if it’d had been a century long wow i like the word century its a fun word.