• Linda Kay commented on the post, infinity 5 years, 10 months ago

    Infinity is a concept that I cannot wrap my mind around, yet it is almost impossible, sometimes, for me to stay in the here in now. The here and now is also part and parcel of infinity. Time is a continuum, not linear, but a loop, like infininity, a figure 8.

  • Linda Kay commented on the post, chivalry 5 years, 10 months ago

    Such an old-fashioned idea and word: chivalry. You rarely meet anyone you could apply that word to nowadays. We live in such a selfish, rude society. I guess you could say that chivalry is dead, but that is so trite. Is it dead or on life-support?

  • Linda Kay commented on the post, beckoning 5 years, 10 months ago

    Coffee and responsibility are beckoning me this morning. I knew last night I’d have to be somewhere besides my patio sipping coffee this morning … early this morning … and so, of course, I barely slept last night. Even the slightest change in routine fucks me up. I wonder if that word will get this post deleted.

  • Linda Kay commented on the post, distress 5 years, 10 months ago

    I can’t handle a damsel in distress. They are always the victim, you know what I mean. Shit, one drama after another; one failed relationship after another. Get over it, please! Take some responsibility for your own emotional health and quit awfulizing every damn thing that happens.

  • I I don’t have to feel justification for my positions, but it’s there anyway. I’m against people telling me what to do with my vote, with my body, with my religion. My justification? Just because I am free.

  • Linda Kay commented on the post, sons 5 years, 10 months ago

    Ahhhhhh, sons. I have a son. I love him very much, of course, but sons, they are so different from daughters. They aren’t picky about staying clean and you often find dried up sandwiches in their sock drawers, along with massive amounts of metal toys and so forth.

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    I love sundried tomatoes and raisins. They’re the best! Put them in salads and, at least as to Raisins, in cereals and other things. I also like sundried sheets. So much better to pull a sheet crisp dried by the sun and smelling fresh.

  • It is worthwhile to write daily. It causes the cogs and wheels in the brain to start moving. The sounds of tapping keys on the keyboard are also worthwhile because they are the sound of accomplishment. Here, I typed this word just now. I can still type. I can

  • Linda Kay commented on the post, based 5 years, 10 months ago

    Based upon what I’ve learned so far, I know that I’ll never know everything I need to know about life. In order to be fully human and awake, I have to learn, know, and apply. I haven’t learned all I need to learn, know all I need to know, and am piss poor at applying what I do know. That’s all.