• He checked the address again in the classified. “This can’t be right…right?” The house in front of him appeared to be broken down, the roof sagging, the walls burned. “Who would be needing a caretaker in this dump?”

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    “I’m not sure if you can get your money back.” Stacy proclaimed. “The revenue that you would lose would be astronomical!”

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    The manor was quiet as John made his way up the dark path. He had been invited to this dreary place, the lone visitor from what he could surmise. He approached the heavy wooden door, clacking the huge knocker three times…

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    I hate texts. I never have had a reason to actually text another person…ever. It’s just something that I have no interest in doing and/ or promoting. Fucking learn to talk face to face again. Because this shit is bananas.

  • “Building are a fleeting thing. Soon there will be no need for a “physical” space. The grandest architecture shall be of the mind! We will build numerous, vast worlds.”

  • It was the most amazing change that Zack had ever felt. His body became one with nature, bones reshaping, senses heightening. The transformation was the first true moment he had ever lived.

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    His abnormal growth had become apparent. He was a stunt of a man now, all because of one bad wish. You should never trust the words of a magic man. They always backfire.