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    i couldn’t imagine a more pleasant bowl of orange circles. i think the red glow mixed nicely with the conversation. But even still, it was one of those times where you just knew Chase would approach with his usual pitiful entrance, and before long we’d all be listening as by a dying campfire, to a story going nowhere, and with an empty bowl.…[Read more]

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    tom waits is playing while dishes get clean. college bros are having a party on their rooftop and people kind of hate them here. not that they would notice. do they notice anything? wise wording

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    i don’t think i’ll be giving the circle ones back. figured… that sweater that you adopted of mine, well, it was new and i let you borrow it because you were cold. so those cool 80’s peppermint earrings? i’m going to adopt them and just get passed the passive aggressive comments.

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    the water was a tiny shade of violet. Pansy and I were playing mermaids. She was blonde. I didn’t like her company, but I was a big fan of Pearl, the mermaid she always chose to play. My name was usually Violet. I appreciated our other friend, who always went by the mermaid name “Coral” which – I mean, why would you do that?

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    Lil’ Scott wasn’t that little compared to just Scott. But when it came time for pondering, which was usually around 7 o clock, Lil Scott dwelled on the infentisimle ways in which one could not know a thing, like the meaning and spelling of a word he’d heard, yet dared not use.

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    As I child, a poor, dirty migrant little rat of a thing, I was given a toaster. It had rounded edges and some might go so far as to say that it once gleamed of silver. But that was for the near sighted, who could detect minerals amongst the rust. I was happy though. A toaster it was.

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    it was raining so we all gathered underneath what Dave was calling a canopy. It was more of an old sheet that had long lost it’s ability to provide warmth to anyone. My move. I threw down a soggy ace. Dave lost his cool.

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    we were trying to figure out how human adults purchase tents. Questions, answers, gestures of affection and indifference. Being five was easy, being twenty was a canopy of shit.

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    there once was a heap of crap that the local neighborhood children liked to call the “compound.” Chris was the supposed king, though I had my doubts about his “royal birth” It was late August 1982 and the crowning of a new prince was to take place that evening.

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    oh that thing. i was thinking, maybe great minds think a hike, but then someone else had already thought of it, so i was like, lindsay lets go to eegees because apparently minds are so DURATION these days. it’s true, in a way

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    once again. a cleaner type of trash and a premonition to the fact that i was well on my way to becoming an environmentally sound drunk. “that’s okay by me,” i told bobby.