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    A fear of failing dragged him down, pulling on his heartstrings like a drowning whale, thrashing and waving in the tides, a part of him was being washed up on shore and he could feel the sunlight beaming down, slowly burning his skin away, slowly turning him to bones. Soon he would be nothing but a cage of ivory white bars, bleached pale in the sun.

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    She graced the halls with her presence. Everything about her was poised, considered, calculated. A single glance from her sent worlds traveling down your spine. A single word from her was enough to keep you awake all night. We were all madly in love with her, I’m sure, though I can’t quite remember now–it’s hard to remember a girl who moved like…[Read more]

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    He laughed at her softly, a sound like a knife in the darkness. “Are you always this way?” His words cut her, they seemed warm on the surface but she could feel the coldness underneath them like ice. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, shifted her knee ever so slightly away from his. She suddenly had the impression that she was a…[Read more]

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    She fingered the torn, worn clothing, the puckered holes that dotted the black fabric, pieces of thread twisting out from the fraying edges and tangling with one another. (tying the holes together)

  • (Crap, I can never remember if this word is the foot doctor, the skin doctor, or the children’s doctor so I wrote this instead)

    Skin is supposed to be perfect. They had those pictures of the makeup models, all blown up so you could see every detail of their perfection, their colorful eyeshadow and shiny lips, and most of all their skin painted…[Read more]

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    “Don’t do this to me.” She was on her knees, she was chasing him out the door. “Please, please…” Sobbing interspersed with hiccups, almost like laughter, funny how that is, she didn’t know if she was laughing or crying anymore, she could’ve been going insane. It all seemed the same just then, when her world was falling apart. Felt like the…[Read more]

  • Progress always happens in spirals. Don’t give up hope when it looks like you’re turning back, when it looks like the things you set your heart on have disappeared. They will return. Everything is up and down, back and forth, and it’s all carrying you along a road toward the end and the beginning of the world. Don’t give up on the road.

  • I’ve always considered myself a sentimental person. But am I really that way? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just holding on to the past because I think I should, and not because I actually have any true emotion remaining. My ideas about how I should feel and how I do feel often get muddled up, until I can’t even tell the difference anymore and just…[Read more]

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    The final notes of the piano faded away into the distance. Opening her eyes, she took her fingers off of the keys and looked around, as if noticing the world around her for the first time. Every time she lifted the dusty wooden keyboard cover and began to play, she returned to the world of the “living” as if she had just been born.

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    The days when she’d lived in a cave deep in the forest were gone. The trees there were burnt to black toothpicks now, all of them, and it was her fault. Even when she didn’t try, she still destroyed things. She had destroyed her forest just by living in it, just by being a threat to the nearby village that came with torches in the night.

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    A glance or two showed him no one was around. Without breaking stride, he pushed the hood off his face, tilted his head back to look at the sky. Clouds glided overhead, a soft wind stirred the fiery autumn leaves above…. That brilliant blue stretched out above, reaching to the ends of the earth, where it kissed the ground and went on undying.

  • Indecision that stemmed from not knowing what I want. I’d sat still for so long that my heart had become stagnant; emotions could no longer stir the waters of my core, and I began to doubt that such things even existed.

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    Drowning. My head’s submerged beneath the water.
    I can’t see. Can’t open my eyes. I’m sluggish, heavy…hard to think. Am I breathing or am I silent?
    It’s so quiet, the only sound I can hear is the chaos of my own thoughts.

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    Little rainbow curls resting in the sand, more beautiful than stones, more delicate than glass.

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    Trying to change ourselves, tumbling past masks we love and hate. “I’m caught on the wrong one…”

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    On the last day of school I paused by the table of books outside the English classroom. I sorted through the pile with increasing urgency as the passing period drew to a close. Finally, with one minute left, I saw something I wanted. The Grapes of Wrath. Smiling, I pulled it from the pile, only to find that it had been torn apart. The front cover…[Read more]

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    His face a mask. Distorted, twisted, something alien. Inhuman. He was not who she thought he was; he was someone else, someone who she didn’t know and didn’t want to know. Someone who had lost his grip on everything in this reality they inhabited together.

  • It slunk into her heart one night, as she was lying awake staring at the shapes the trees made outside her window. That night she began to feel different for the first time, though she didn’t know why. That night she started to realize that she was lonely.
    Emotion undetected.

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    If I could meld my thoughts together, into a mosaic of pictures and thoughts and sounds, would they form a shape? What kind of form would a reflection of my mind take on?

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    The end of the countdown looms: less than a minute, and my breath is caught.
    My fingers are hollow.
    Who knew a minute could go so slowly?