• Lily commented on the post, lighter 1 year, 2 months ago

    I couldn’t find a lighter at home so I drove through to see my Mum. I probably should have been to see her much earlier than now but I’d been busy. Or at least i’d told my.self i’d been busy. Anyway turns out she’s stopped smoking so she doesn’t have any lighters anymore. Sods law, that.

  • Lily commented on the post, vote 6 years, 7 months ago

    Vote for me and I promise I won’t doom you to a life of slavery and violence. All the other candidates will. *smash* shit hypnotism isn’t gonna work for me. FREE CAKE!

  • Lily commented on the post, reflex 9 years ago

    My reflexive reaction is to be as cold as he is to me. BIG mistake. its quite funny really, you see i was upset because i was sure he would dump me because he was acting cold. He was acting cold because he thought i was going to dump him. So in the end he […]

  • Lily commented on the post, trial 9 years ago

    I stood in the witness box trembling. I had never been so nervous. i looked at the jury and felt the burn of their eyes piercing through my flesh. I resolved it was time to tell the truth for once.

  • Lily commented on the post, depth 9 years ago

    You cannot write an indepth essay without reading the book you are writing about… well i wouldn’t be trying to write an essay on a book i hadn’t read now would I? Unless revision has severly affected my head.

  • Lily commented on the post, roller 9 years ago

    She came thundering down the hill wearing her brand new roller blades. They gleamed a sleek black in the sunlight and drew the envy of all the neighbourhood kids. She felt on top of the world!