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    She wouldn’t let herself wallow in her room. This wasn’t her fault, she had done nothing to deserve feeling like this. It was time she actually started believing that for once.

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    High above the rooftops she soared, circling and circling until she was dizzy with joy. She dove and swooped and danced, and then floated along, happy to have finally found her flight.

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    She was happy for the first time when the bells tolled. Year upon year of disappointments and waiting by the phone and fake smiles were washed away by this new beginning. Maybe this was mercy. Maybe she had just had to claim it for herself all along.

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    He wasn’t meant to stay. He was meant to come to the flat to see the new sofas that was it. He wasn’t meant to sit there for hours as I made him first a coffee, and then offered him a beer and then another one and another one, and we most definitely weren’t meant to wake up in the living room together the morning after his visit.

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    She stood at a window five floors up from the busy street. She watched as the people below her scurried in and out of buildings and taxis, ants with their heads down, getting their jobs done.

  • She hadn’t used it, in fact she was disgusted by the idea of even taking it out of the wrapper, but this was her job, and she had to sell it. She had to lie.

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    It was a blinding light, so bright that her eyes started to water. The camera fixed in on her, tracking her pupil as it shrank in on itself.

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    she started to get a picture of his life from his fragmented texts, the way he would send an apparently random question which actually would lead to a tale from three years ago, a memory that was sparked by the thought of her

  • When it came down to it, no matter how much he begged, how much he pleaded, there was nothing he could really do anymore. Today was the day they would officially decide his sentence, whether it be for good or for bad, but really it had been decided weeks ago, when they had first lay eyes on him across the makeshift courtroom that he was sat in…[Read more]

  • She was always tired, but quietly tired, not exhausted enough to just sink into bed and sleep, but enough so that her day blurred around the edges and she could never remember who she talked to at lunch.

  • I can’t even find sanctity in my room anymore because memories permeate everything and I need a chance to get out and escape and discover new places that I will feel safe and whole and not alone.

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    I have lived in a flat all of my life
    I have been surrounded by people who I recognise but never get to know
    I hear their fights, hear them laughing, hear them stumbling home drunk at three in the morning
    It’s reassuring in a way
    I can be on my own but there’s always someone nearby
    even if I never talk to them and never will

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    The ball was in his court now. They’d played this game for a while and she knew how he worked, had known long before they had started this, but she was still learning, picking up new things everytime they texted, ran into each other, whatever. It was his turn to get in touch, she had asked to meet next week, and he would decide where.

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    The raft was getting tossed about in the storm, like a child’s ragdoll being thrown up into the air again and again. Caught in the swell of the waves all they could do was hold onto each other and the ropes and wait until it was over.

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    The way he looked at her with so little emotion was actually pretty terrifying, considering everything. The day before he had been a wreck, tears streaming, dripping from every crease of his scrunched up face. But now he was just looking at her coolly, as if yesterday hadn’t even happened.

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    I want to speak to you. I want to talk about everything like we used to, I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, what’s going on. I miss that, I miss our conversations.

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    she wanted it to be real. she didn’t want to hide her emotion, but she didn’t want to force any emotion either. sometimes she felt happy, sometimes she felt sad. there were moments when she thought she was completely free of that sadness, of the feeling that something was missing, but otherwise it was like a wave crashing down on her. but at least…[Read more]

  • She moved through the fair looking for the caravan that had been described to her. You’ll know it when you see it they had said. She knew they were right. There was no way you could mistake something like that, something that had been built for the sole purpose of destroying treasured posessions.

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    There was a ticking sound in his head, counting down to God-knows what. It could be anything really, it felt like all he did these days was wait, wait and think about everything that he was waiting for, and then wait some more.

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    According to pretty much everyone, it seems that I have a choice. I can wallow in the past, ask the same frustrated questions time after time, relive every single memory I have with him, replay our last conversations. Or I can accept it, put it to one side and move on. I know what I want to do, but it isn’t a matter of choice. I have no control…[Read more]