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    “Checkmate” the knight said as he rode his horse across the field, blocking the king from any escape. The king sighed and knelt, awaiting what he had anticipated over the last few moves. The opposing king drew his sword and walked towards the loser. He swung. The white crown fell to the ground and the white horses fled.

  • Beth commented on the post, tornado 6 years, 2 months ago

    The tornado tore into the house effortlessly as she watched from mere miles away. Planks of wood, lumps of brick and overall debris flew around in the air where the building she had grown up in once stood. Meanwhile, he stood behind her chuckling, as he drew back the tornado and it blinked from existence.

  • Beth commented on the post, eternal 6 years, 3 months ago

    Eternal gratitude. That’s what she’d said to him. She’d have eternal gratitude for what he did for her. So why is it, while laying in the gutter of this street, blood pouring out of his side, the gratitude wasn’t showing? Instead she’d fled from him. So much for eternity.

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    The director of the project stood and smiled as he watched the groups of five people argue it out in separate rooms below him. They all deserved to be there, he knew that and they knew that. A sudden gunshot from one of the rooms made him jump slightly, but he quickly recovered and chuckled.

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    The leathery texture of the sofa confused her as it seemed to her to be made of something different. It squeaked as she moved around on it. Everything about this world made her uncomfortable. Nothing felt, tasted or sounded like it looked.

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    It would seem that one thing we haven’t quite managed yet is the ability to communicate through sonar or waves, not unlike the morse code we’ve established. Sonar is still a rather foreign concept to us, although […]

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    The decorations on the tree began to wobble against her humming, clinking together, vibrating vigorously, the movements becoming more frantic, the stronger her voice got. She began singing a higher note, watching […]

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    Hand held firmly on the doorknob, so nobody could turn it, she rested her head against the door and breathed as slowly and as quietly as she could. Trying to take her mind off of what was, if anything was, out […]

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    Detention seems a bit…small a punishment for what I’ve done. By “what I’ve done”, I do, of course mean, “what they think I was doing while I was trying to stop it from getting worse for them” but, then again, […]

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    Some people just want to watch the world burn. And the inventor of the straw is one of them (Discluding the time Kevin from Blue’s Clues thought HE’D invented it). I mean, come on, the straw is one of the most […]

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    Jelly is somewhat of an oddity. It isn’t quite liquid, yet it slips down your throat easily without getting stuck. I’ve never quite found the appeal of it. As I watch it wabble cautiously on the plate in front of […]

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    Certain feelings and events can make you feel rather empty inside. Be that the loss of something you didn’t know you kept as close, or just the feeling that nobody is listening to you. It leaves people an empty […]