• She was gripping the railing as if she would fall and crash to her death if she let go. Her knuckles turning white, blood rushing from her face leaving a pale and empty mask behind. He was staring at her, the guilt written on his face like scarlet letters, his shame obvious to the world. For a moment it seemed as if she might say something.…[Read more]

  • The drive is long, and the weather is bad. Rain pelts the windshield, like a million slaps in the face, beating down on the roof of my truck like a million fists. The thunder drums in the distance and lightening cracks across the sky, illuminating the darkness that surrounds me. There is only one hour left and then I will be there with her. She…[Read more]

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    He says that she is unique, that he is drawn to her ability to be so true to herself in a world where it is so easy to get lost at every turn. He lies to her every chance he gets, lie so hard that even he starts to believe the shit that spews from his mouth. He’s a fucking genius, fabricating his own existence, weaving himself into creation like a…[Read more]

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    broken. cracked up and split in half straight down the middle. cut like scissors slicing through wrapping paper. because now there is nothing but waiting. and what am I waiting for anyway? am I fool, have I been one all along? and why do I always end up disappointed? why, even when it feels so real, does it turn out to be a fraud?

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    She came in like a lion. Long wild hair everywhere, loud and outlandish. She was outspoken and shameless, so settled in her own skin. You couldn’t not see her, not hear her, not want a part of her to be inside of you. Vibrant and never ending. There were memories jam packed behind her eyes, t…[Read more]

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    Miranda stares at her reflection in the mirror until the tears blur her vision. Her fist hits the center of the mirror so hard, it shatters and shards fly out in every direction. Knuckles bleeding, shed rubs the […]

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    She stepped lightly over the wreckage of the building and scanned the horizon. He was out there, somewhere, waiting for her, she was certain. Hopefully the infection that raged inside him had stayed dormant long […]

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    She licks the icing off of her pinky finger and looks at the cupcakes with disdain. They are perfect little vanilla cakes, with just the right amount of icing swirled across the top. The finishing touch will be […]

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    She clawed his back and chills rain up and down his spine. Nestled in between his legs, her knees pointed to the ceiling and sweat trickled down her face. She felt his beard tickle her shoulder and then he rocked […]

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    I watched him arrange the powder into a little wine line on the mirror. He placed the straw, slightly tilted, gently in front of the line and sucked it up, up, up into his nostrils. Half grinning he sat up and […]

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    My heart is a house made of straw. One strong gust of wind and you might blow it over. Pieces scattered around, remains of what one was. Left to rebuild and relearn. Why does life keep trying to teach me lessons […]

  • They are two completely different men, so how can I be so in love with them both? One is blonde and one is brown, but the differences go so much deeper than that. One is so gentle in all the right ways, and the […]

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    He bit her neck, just enough to draw blood without the fear of it scarring. She moaned underneath him and curled her fingers into his. Back arched, sweat dripping, bodies rocking together, he bit her and she moaned.