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About Me

My hands shake, and my toes never stop moving. My mind races, and my heart stomps around inside my chest.
My eyes are always wide and my mother thinks I’m naive. (She is generally right.)
I try not to be selfish but sometimes I am. I don’t like being told this, but I am often glad when I am. Told, that is. Not selfish.
I have a habit of rambling, if you hadn’t noticed. Usually about unimportant, awkward things.
I wish I had a British accent. I think life would offer much more opportunity for spontaneity if this were the case. I am considering adopting one.
I make friends with shadows, and think social ineptitude is sexy.
I invent stories in my mind about people I’ve never met, and am saddened to remember they don’t know me.
I read more than I should, and talk less than I ought to.

Got a handle on things, now?


United States