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    The scenes flashed past the window as the train relentlessly carried her toward her doom. First her beloved seaside scene gave way to intensely green trees and fields, populated by fat sheep, then the trees […]

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    So many words, so many letters, names and instructions, swirling around in front of him into some kind of unholy soup of black ink. He’s frightened, trapped in the ballot box with nowhere to run to and everything […]

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    It wasn’t that she had told an untruth. No. And it wasn’t that she had stood before her peers, those who believed they knew her to be a pure and honest beacon, and lied. No, indeed. The guilt, the sickening guilt, […]

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    The letter was indeed as damning as he had been lead to believe, but as it concerned his son, the old man turned a kind of wilful blindness to it. He knew that it distressed his wife to see him denying what their […]

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    The trees of steel and glass stretch up into the sky, penetrating the clouds and disrupting the path of aeroplanes… or, at least, that is what he thinks they must surely do, because he has never seen anything as […]

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    There was nothing binding about their friendship. There was nothing constant, or frequent, nothing that obliged her to be there when her friend wanted or required her to come when her friend called. No promises of […]

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    Everywhere he went, the presence of bubbles indicated he should be cautious when approaching. No place required this caution more than his sister’s spa. The nastiest, smelliest fish could be found there most […]

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    The mother octopus flexes her tentacles, reaching out from the small cave she had chosen into the open sea. She unfurls her limbs, letting them swish gently in the current.

    Then she feels a movement, and quick […]

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    He couldn’t quite manage to sustain the fear. Of course, unexpectedly having things appear in front of him was surprising, but the haunted house was just not scary enough for him to even pretend to quiver in […]

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    …and then The Miracle happened. It was small at first, but rapidly grew until it was a white-hot light, swallowing all the darkness and burning the long-fingered shadows, until nothing remained but their dusk on […]

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    Five-year-old Peter covered his blanket with another blanket… because even blankets need to be warm.

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    Helene was intellectually dehydrated. Her mind felt prickly, scratchy, like that woollen jumper your grandmother made and your mother always insists you wear when she’s visiting but you hate because it itches. […]

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    He was five when he first realised that Salvation was not an ordinary name for a little boy. He was seven by the time he fully grasped just how mental his parents must have been to name him something like […]

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    He clips the magazine into his Kalashnikov. Taking a breath, he calms his nerves and turns his full attention back on the enemy. He has never met them – these enemies – yet for the Homeland, he will kill this […]

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    After fiddling with the keys for five minutes, she eventually managed to wrestle the door open, and nudged a box of books out of her way. The whole apartment was covered in stacks upon stacks of books, in every […]

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    Oh woe is you, poor unloved carbon. They look on you with loathing.

    Oh woe is you, sad and shunned element. They turn their accusing minds to the task of removing your stain from this world.

    Oh woe is you, […]

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    The chain smoker shifted away from the crowd spreading from the crosswalk like a swarm. He always felt bad, puffing away on his fag, letting the smoke drift up into the air. So he stood in the corner, down the […]

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    Rain beat down on the muddy field. A tractor lay on its side, the only feature in a barren landscape. Rust gnawed at the yellow paint, causing it to curl away from the metal like two positively charged magnets. […]

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    an eye, an ear.
    one leg. one arm.
    five fingers, five toes.
    a knee. an elbow.
    all these things whole, yet all these things are half.
    Go figure.