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    The cold air just wouldn’t give him a break. Jumping out, kicking the tire, he walked home instead.

    “Tomorrow I’m getting a job” he muttered.

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    “You know what, I think tomorrow, I’m going to get up, cash out my savings, leave my cell phone and identification behind me. I’m going to get into my car and drive until I find the new city I’ll spend the rest of my life.”


    “It’s possible.”

    “You just don’t want to take the statistics test tomorrow. Now get back to studying.”

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    I trace the edges, but the picture doesn’t come out quite like I envisioned. Maybe that’s part of life. No matter how much you try to stay along the edges, unnoticed, you inevitably go out into the open void and begin creating your own image, your own drawing. In time, you’ve forgotten the stencil and see a new creation.

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    “Common, punk, let’s see what you’ve got!”, the 250-lb bully said, waving the knife in Eric’s face.

    Eric slowly sighed and looked up at the Neanderthal. *Not again,* he thought.

    With a roll of the eyes, Eric raised his gun and shot the idiot.

    “Never bring a knife to a gun fight,” Eric said to the dying man.

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    The squad car came around the corner, but Jesse had already started running. He’d seen the flashing blue lights two minutes before. Ducking into a dark alleyway and then into an even darker doorframe, he smiled as […]

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    i can’t write, i can’t speak. my ability to function is on hold until further notice.

    anybody have any ideas how to jump start my love of writing?

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    She stood behind the door waiting for him to enter. It had been a long day and everyone had been wonderful to help her.

    There was a clinking from his keys. She had to suppress her giggle. The hinge creaked as he opened the door. The light flickered and she knew it was time.


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    Anywhere but here Rachel thought s she served another customer.

    Looking out the window, she saw another homeless woman walking past the diner. A look of longing passed her face as she continued to push the shopping cart.

    “Well, I guess it could be worse,” Rachel thought as she took another order..

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    “Here you go, MIss” the taxi driver said as he stopped along the curb.

    Savannah opened the door and stared at the Manhattan skyline. Tomorrow she’d start auditioning for a role in the chorus line.

    Frank Sinatra was right. If she could make it here, she could make it anywhere.

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    Kirby walked through the halls, the galleries. It all made for a lovely postcard, but nothing took his breath away. Turning the corner he saw it, the painting he had to have. It was the one that reminded him of love and death and everything that mattered. It was the one SHE had done in […]

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    “Don’t forget to put the napkins down first,” Abigail heard her mother cry from the kitchen.

    Thanksgiving dinner was always a bitch, but for once, Abigail decided to drop her own bit of news tonight.

    “Mom, do you mind? I invited a friend over?” Abigail asked.

    Fireworks were never anticipated more.

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    He was pressed against his high school crush as they waited for the birthday girl to arrive. “Sorry, it’s so crammed in here,” he whispered. “I don’t mind,” she replied as she pressed herself closer to them. A light flashed on outside the door and the other party guests were yelling “Surprise!” “Maybe we should […]

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    Climging down into the hill, Arnold couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing carrying this heavy load for some queen who couldn’t possibly remember him.

    Technically, she was his mother, but did she remember? Did she even greet him on the anniversary of his birth? No, she simply said, “Bring more food.”

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    “How much do you want?” she couldn’t help but eye the diamond. He thought it was a fake, but she could tell it wasn’t.

    His eyes squinted. “It’s worth more isn’t it? Maybe I should talk to someone else.” He turned to leave out the pawn shop.

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    “Chances are…” the crooner sang in the background. Dave turned to Mona. “Can I have this dance, love?” With a smile she accepted. He had waited years for her arrival. Now that she was here, in heaven, they were going to dance as they once did a lifetime ago. Twilight faded as the sunset. A […]

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    The van with the mattresses on top was only going 30 mph in a 70. Eric wanted to reach out of his Mercedes-Benz E350 and throttle the family man. Didn’t he know there were side roads for this sort of nonsense? Instead, he passed the redheaded mom in the driver’s seat and blew her a […]

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    “Oh, I miss YOU already,” she cooed over the phone.

    With a trace of doubt, he replied, “You do?”

    Beep — beep

    “Yes. Oh, sweetie, that’s my mother on the other line. Let me call you later?” She breathed.

    “I’ll talk to you later.”


    “Who were you talking to, Sweetie?”

    “Oh, nobody.”

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    I can’t help but think of Psalm … 42? That says, “As a deer longs for a the flowing stream, so I long for you oh, Lord.” … I can’t help but wonder, what happens when the spring is dry and there is no signs of rain? Will the deer wither and die? And will […]

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    The fever was over a hundred and four. Time to call the doctor.

    “The doctor will be here soon, Sweetie. Just hold on.” The frantic mother tried to call the boy. He had been sick for days. His pallor was off. This might mean a hospital visit.

    How could they afford it? She wondered.

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    She stared at the flowers on her mother’s kitchen table. Just two days ago she remembered sitting there while her mother put them in the vase. Her mother was always good at placing flowers.

    Now, she was alone and her mother was gone.

    And the violets wilted.