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    She always felt like there was something closing in on her. They were different things every time – deadlines, dates, the arms of her lovers, one after another. But inside she knew they were all the same, […]

  • they played in a weird sort of harmony – the large drooping cellos with their winey deep oomph and the half-size violins, flitting like fairies, playing around the branches of the harmony, a tree that kept growing at both sides and never stopped being beautiful.

  • the year wound down. the leaves paled and darkened and turned sere and brittle and wispy. the branches were bare, and so was her womb. in a journal with pages the color of cigarette teeth that she’d found on the sidewalk she wrote the word in round and bouncy handwriting, interspersed with jitters that ran […]

  • he worked through layers of blankets and electrode-loaded water-based “nutrient-rich” vitamin-supplements and his frail fingers dug through layers of papers that were not yet digitized. through layers of glass he viewed the world, distorted in an eerie way, and under a layer of secrecy, he kept working.

  • her feet had an arch that was almost powdery, the sheer whiteness of it
    and she ran parallel to the wind, to the earth’s core and through it and around,
    to go, and pick out the sweet from the sour, and seek the smiles in the low light.

  • they mixed and intermingled, in the flesh and in the aiua too. they were made for each other, two pieces of a puzzle that really had no separation to begin with, two halves of a whole that had grown perfect and combined. yet they were never two: only one.

  • she danced and the silhouette of her flying hair was caught, a moment in time. there was the snap and the comforting noise of the shutter and then they moved on to a different time and a different place. here it wasn’t summer and her hair was long and pinned up and the skies were […]

  • the chicks were raised from when they were very young. she’d tousle her fingers in their fine filmy yellow hair and stroke them along their little necks when they cooed at her. they grew up to be fine beautiful women, and she delighted when people passed them by on the streets and remarked, “damn, that […]

  • he watched her dancing, how the delicate milk-white skin on her foot arched and contracted with each step she took, how the slow blue veins that stood out near her ankles became bluer and darker as she pointed her toes. it’s too bad, he thought, as he cleared his throat lightly and adjusted the bag […]

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    she sat. her hair curved all the way down from the top of her head and dropped a little below the chin, and it very barely curled. it was all one color, even though the light filtered through just enough to make it dun in some places and dark in others, but she was so […]

  • she danced in large swooping circles as she painted; rather, she painted as she danced. you wouldn’t have known that she was even dancing in circles unless you viewed her from above, maybe in an aeroplane or a bladed helicopter, or if you were flying on one of those – contraptions, as she danced herself […]

  • by the time he’d submerged himself fully in the cold water, his fingertips were already beginning to numb and tingle. it was okay, though, because he liked it. it made him feel clean and full of straw and sunlight and warm sunny mountain slopes. it made him feel like he was right in his existence. […]

  • he swiped, tapped, dragged, scaled. there were a million things he could do, and a million things he could do without doing them. he looked up, and in the sky (the color of a raw fish, in trefalgar) he could see the harpies doing their erratic dance. he sighed. the signal had died again, and […]

  • she rose up from the ashes of the old city, with curving passages and blacking marbled on the sidewalks, the city that was built around the fleeting woman who barely existed. in every corner she was there (and ought to have been), yet she was not, but she was embedded in the heart of the […]

  • she snuggled up with her orange cat named roark and her macbook and she’d type away on long grey afternoons that faded so quickly into nights, with the laptop propped up on her stomach and roark pawing at her socks (the old thick fleecy ones that she really should wash).


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    in her straight gray skinnies and that sort-of-loose-but-mostly-tight jacket she looked anything but. inside, though, everything was rainbow, and sometimes she could hear the echoes of her soul, at night, when the moonlight sliced through blinds she’d forgotten to close, onto her bare feet.

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    he smiled and drew more circles. was this what it felt like to be a god? he built chess-boards that weren’t really chess-boards and moved the pieces at will, without law. (with law, he’d later revise it to say, but by his laws only.) it took a while to remember his name, and even then, […]

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    her eyes narrowed in a delicious way. first the only thing he could see was the movement of her eyelashes, which weren’t long or feathery but simply fine, and the very slight shadow it cast on the soft skin beneath her eye. then he could see the lightly speckled tinge of her eyelid move in […]

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    she fluttered lightly in the murky air but all he could focus on was the tips of her wingfeathers – the long broad ones at the very ends of her wings, and the tips where the fine fibers branched out from the slim frame. it was almost like the way she looked at him, when […]

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    when he asked her she responded without actually saying anything. the brush of her mahogany hair, the way her lavender eyes sparkled in the morning, the little cooing noise she made as her head just brushed his elbow. it was endearing as hell.