• The butterflies in her stomach felt nice, but also made her want to run away and jump under her covers and never come out of her room again. She could not believe she was having these feelings about her best friend. It was the most cliche thing of all cliche things! It was the plot device of every cheesy novel….

  • It was not very sensible the way Mrs. Dawson expected everything to be done before she got home from work. Gracie was only thirteen and she had less than two hours before her mother’s return. She did not think it fair that Reis got out of helping because he claimed he had an after school project to finish.

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    Claiming someone can mean more than one thing. Are you claiming them because you want them to be yours or are you claiming them because you are obsessive over them? Or do you just claim their heart, even though […]

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    In despite of everything, he still loved his friend. After being ignored for years, he still cared. It was like all the bad things went away when they got back together. Despite everything, they were with each other.

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    They were finally together again after three years. It was hard to believe that they made the mistake of splitting apart. Why would they have done something like that? Insanity? Maybe. All that really mattered was […]

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    He felt so alive now that he and his friend were making up. It had been three years since Max decided to abandon him for popularity. It made Shay sad, but with this school project, they had to get along again. […]

  • The rain came out of nowhere. They had to quickly get to shelter, though she knew it had to be more for her, then for the troll. He did not seem to mind getting wet; he even seemed to enjoy it, as if it refreshed him. On the other hand, Lia found the rain a […]

  • Gog helped her up onto her horse. The troll grunted in a way that must have been his way of asking if she was comfortable. Lia felt as okay as could be expected. There were a combination of feelings running through her; she had no idea which one ruled. For now, she would just let […]

  • It was profound how she could trust this person she had just met. How she could tell him her whole story and not be afraid. Lia felt comforted knowing she had someone she could confide in. Even if she would be leaving him to explore the world. She knew she could always come home and […]

  • She could not believe she had not figured this out before. Of course it had to take her getting pregnant, then being forced to leave her home, for her to figure out how the real world really worked. Nothing she had been taught was true.

  • She felt passionate about her idea, though being the new girl in the group, she did not have much credit to go by, not to mention this was her first time in the “real” world. They did not know that yet. Princess Lia pressed her lips together and waited for their response.

  • “He and I were supposed to be married on my 18th birthday,” Lia told her friends. “I don’t understand why they are doing this in his name.”

    “He is not a husband you want,” Kirock said. “Rumors are the Prince is a cruel man hiding behind a handsome face.”

  • The sacrifice was there. Unsaid, though Lia knew all too well what her friends were doing for her. She would pay them back some day. One day. She would never forget this.

  • She ducked, trying to avoid being hit by . . .

    Wait, what were they throwing? With hands shielding her head, she peeked beyond the cover of trees, just as a severed body part almost smacked against her. Great, just what they needed. Rioting demons, using their victims as weapons.

  • The water stood still over the graveyard of bodies. Lia walked along the edge of the water, silently counting. Twenty five male, fifteen female, and twenty children, six of which were just babies. They were all in traveling garments. The rumors about the forest claiming its pray had to be true and this is where […]

  • The artistry amazed her. Of course she had all the tutors one could imagine, but nobody could learn a thing like this. It had to be pure talent. She walked closer to the sculpture, her eyes widening. “Is this me?” she asked, flattered and a little bit scared at the same time. Why would this […]

  • She was shepherd forward, though she did not want to follow this mysterious person. She could not even tell if they were male or female. They talked in a low scratchy voice. Should she trust their offer of safety?

  • The automatic reaction scared Lia. She dropped the sword she practiced with and looked at her hands. “What are you waiting for?” her sparring partner asked.
    “I really wanted to stab you…” she answered in surprise.
    “Good,” Melina said, smirking. “That’s the point of these lessons.”

  • The awakening made her feel like she had too much to drink. She staggered to her feet and smiled at her hosts, thanking them for allowing her to partake in their ceremony. Nobody else seemed to be standing on wobbly feet. Just her then.

  • It comforted her to be in this place, though she had no idea its purpose. Some kind of temple. Lia imagined she could pray here and get her questions answered.