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    walking a mile in someone’s shoes
    let us write a treaty
    peace vs. peace
    and a few other words
    maybe we’ll see
    the better side
    of the looking glass

  • We do things.
    Sometimes, because of want.
    Half the time, because we need.

    We have carved castles into mountains.
    Built bridges over oceans.
    Planted steel and cement
    that grew into skyscrapers
    touching the […]

  • The reporter was talking
    In front of the camera
    Disconnected and disjointed

    I wonder if she cries at night

  • The light catches your hair and turns it gold
    from coal

    you are beautiful

    maybe if you stop looking at yourself in the mirror

    you would see what i see

  • simhaétoile commented on the post, dilemma 7 years, 8 months ago

    I don’t know which road to take
    The path laid out for me
    Or the one I want to make

    Choices choices choices
    They make you who you are
    Not which family you’ve been born into
    Or the color of your skin
    Not […]