• Leie commented on the post, railroad 7 years ago

    the sound of a train passing over railroad tracks filled the room. the sound covered the screams of the people that resided in the small house now filled with blood.

  • Leie commented on the post, chills 7 years ago

    the chills ran up my spine baking the hair stand up all over my body. i began hearing the whispers of the forgotten children that had once been murdered there.

  • Leie commented on the post, saturday 7 years ago

    Saturday in the park. the breeze flowed through the branches.

  • Leie commented on the post, crust 7 years ago

    the filling was then complete, but i fear we had no crust for this pie. it was just a small trip to the market, but then there was a loud crash. all that was known by me changed in an instant.

  • Leie commented on the post, configuration 7 years ago

    The memory of a strange room. it had a strange configuration to the way it was set up. now it is but a distant dream of a day in which a young girl hides from the rain in a strange room.